How to Promote Yourself as a DJ


The music industry is difficult to break, whatever your talent – but even if worldwide stardom isn’t quite in every aspiring creative’s stars, the art alone is worth the effort. This is just as true for DJs as it is for guitarists and singers; DJing is a tough nut to crack, but a career beckons for those who can promote themselves. How might you promote yourself in order to cement a career as a DJ?

The Basics

Before you begin to make any in-roads to promoting yourself, you need to ask yourself a frank question: are you ready? Becoming a professional DJ is a long and difficult road, and – just as in any other career – you need to have the relevant skills and equipment to make the grade.

As a DJ, you will need DJ equipment at home, including CDJs and a mixer at the very least. With this equipment you can hone your skills in your spare time, and also provide professional services in a majority of situations. You will need to have demonstrable ability as a DJ, so sharpen up before you begin to put yourself out there.

What’s Your Niche?

Putting together a PR campaign for yourself will go a lot easier if you can define what it is that you do in simple terms. What’s your niche, and what makes you unique or special amongst your peers? Your answer to this question will change the people you target further down the line – for example, if you are a turntablist,you’ll be wanting the attention of different producers and entry into turntablist competitions, where a live DJ would want the ear of local venue promoters.

Building a Social Media Presence

In order to begin to grow your profile, you will need social media platforms focused on your offerings and development as a DJ. Platforms like Facebook are a great place to advertise your services, especially if you attempting to break into events. Meanwhile, Instagram and TikTok are useful platforms for demonstrating your skills and organically growing an audience. TikTok in particular is a fantastic place to build your profile, both in terms of creating invested fans and giving your mixes the opportunity to go viral.

Networking and Outreach

As important as building a digital presence is, it is not the solution to success for the vast majority of DJs. Real progression comes hand-in-hand with connections. Outreach is the process by which you get bookings, build a professional network and increase opportunities for yourself.

If you’re hoping to get book as a live DJ for venues and events, sending off recordings of your mixes or videos of your sets to promoters and venue bookers local to you is a great start. For radio work, getting in touch with grassroots stations and local non-profits can put you in touch with the right people – after which, growing a portfolio of bookings or shows will ultimately grow your appeal.