How to save money when travelling in and around London


London is a city full of hustle and bustle. It’s one of the most popular tourism hotspots in the world, welcoming an estimated 21 million visitors in 2019 and with so much to see and do, it’s little wonder.

Of course, not everyone walking the streets of the Big Smoke has come to see the sights of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Many live and work there, with thousands more commuting into the city from the suburbs in order to earn their keep.

But all that travelling in and around London can soon become pricey, so what can residents, tourists and commuters do to help keep the costs down? Here are a few ideas.



It may sound like a simple solution but if you don’t have to cover too great a distance, walking can be an ideal way to get around. It allows you to see the sights, immerse yourself in the hubbub and means you don’t have to spend time down in the stuffy Underground. And of course, as well as being good exercise, it’s completely free of charge!

Catch the train

If you’re travelling in from outside the city, try and avoid using the car at all costs. When you factor in traffic, complicated one-way systems, congestion charges and parking fees, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t bothered. Instead, get the train into London so that you can leave the car behind and enjoy a peaceful, more cost-efficient journey.

Take the bus

London boasts an extensive public transport network and there are hundreds of buses weaving their way around the city – some of them running services right through to the early hours of the morning. If your journey is too far to walk and you don’t fancy being squashed into a busy tube carriage, the bus offers excellent value and a chance to sit back and switch off from the world for a while.

Get a Travelcard

If you’re regularly moving in and around the capital, splashing out on a Travelcard might prove a worthwhile investment. They can be used on buses, trams, the Underground as well as Overground and National Rail services – zones permitting. Travelcards are available for anything from a day up to a year and are perfect for frequent users as they offer far greater value for money than buying a ticket for each individual journey.


For quick and easy manoeuvring, why not hop on a bicycle and use pedal power to get where you need to be? You can ride your own completely free of charge, of course, but if that’s not convenient for you then Santander Cycles, also known as Boris Bikes, are available for hire throughout the capital for just £2 – a great way to travel on a budget.