How To Ship A Car From The USA To The UK

CHIBA, JAPAN - JANUARY 17: About 3,000 Honda cars wait to be exported to North America at a port January 17, 2003 in Chiba, Japan. The strength of the Japanese yen against the U.S. dollar has adversely affected the export-dependent stock of Honda. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

When moving internationally, you will want to bring your car with you. Those who are coming to the United Kingdom from the United States often want to ship their car so that they have a vehicle to utilize when they are abroad. You don’t have to be relocating permanently to want to take your car with you.” You can rent different types of cars on the spot. For example,  7-seater car rental in London will be a perfect choice for a family trip with kids.

When choosing to ship your vehicle to the United Kingdom, two shipping options exist via the sea route. You can choose a RoRo method or container method of car transport. RoRo stands for “roll-on roll-off” and functions in the way that it sounds. Your car is driven on to a boat at a port in the United States and then driven off of the boat at a port in the United Kingdom. Container shipping requires securing your car in a large box, and a crane loads it on to the boat. Containers protect your vehicle from the elements and potential theft, unlike RoRo.

If your destination, once you get to the United Kingdom, is London, you will want to include the costs of living in your budget. It is not enough to guess what the costs associated with living in London are, doing your research will be helpful. Your budget for moving to the United Kingdom should be enough to include your car’s transport and any associated fees. RoRo is a cheaper method but exposes your car to the elements and potential theft. Container shipping is more expensive but provides more protection. You will also need to figure out the insurance coverage you want during shipping. How do you do this?

When trying to figure your shipping costs, you will need to start by finding a reputable international car shipping company. You will start by receiving several quotes, but ultimately you want to go with experience and a price that reflects the quality of the company. Your international shipping company will also help you with the paperwork associated with bringing your car from the United States to the United Kingdom. The correct forms will have to be completed as well as the required documentation sent ahead of the transport.

When bringing your car into the United Kingdom, you will be required to pay taxes and duty on the vehicle. The tax is charged on the total cost of the vehicle plus any accessories you bought with it, delivery or extra charges, and duty. Duty is only charged on vehicles when it is brought from outside of the European Union. Also, you will need a UK driving licence, for which you can apply online and get instant approval.

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