Inking Miami’s ‘It’ Crowd with Tatu Panda


We’ve all heard and seen the work Classic Americana, New School, Japanese tattoo artists – we’ve seen the full sleeves and covered backs and legs, but when it comes to the work of tattoo artist Marlon Cubero, AKA Tatu Panda, it’s something of a different game altogether. 

Co-owner and artist at Inked Miami, Ironside, Tatu Panda has become renowned for his micro tats, inking up the faces, hands, and everywhere in-between, of his clients with miniature, hyper real portraits, text and symbols. His work is detailed, in some cases, so photo-like it appears like stickers on the skin, and it’s infused with technical and artistic expertise. 

Panda first began out as an aspiring musician, completing commissioned portraits and tattoos on his friends after school as a means to fund his music career. As soon as he had a pencil in his hand, he was drawing, and it didn’t take long for him to figure out it was really tattooing that was his calling card. 

Failing to get apprenticeships and the grind of having to do it himself proved Panda’s greatest windfall. He opened his own parlour and soon after found himself in partnership with co-creator of Rolling Loud Festival, Matt Zingler, opening up Inked Miami in Ironside, South Florida. 

As lead artist in the official parlour of Inked Magazine, Panda has become the go to for Miami’s ‘It’ crowd. With a celeb client list that spans the likes of Diddy, Camilo and the Paul brothers, Panda is as often inking in the parlour as he is visiting his clients homes, something that strays from traditional practice. His work speaks for itself, and in a market full of different styles, artists and methodologies, it would be hard to imagine anyone being able to replicate it. 

Panda’s Inked Miami has become more than just a home to his art, but a reflection of the vibrant streets and culture that surrounds the magic city Miami itself. With the birthplace of Rolling Loud Festival just around the corner, and everyone from rappers to YouTube sensations gracing its chairs, Inked Miami and Panda feel like they’re just getting started.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of Panda’s work by visiting his instagram @Tatu_panda or making a booking on Inked Miami website