Looking For Casual Sex? Here’s Some Important Advice


Casual sex can be very fun. It can also be very good for your mental health. Because of the pandemic, a lot of peoples’ sex lives have stagnated. If lockdown measures have been drawn back where you live and you’re looking forward to getting out and having casual sex again, then this is the article for you.

Make sure that you’re still careful when you’re meeting new people, particularly if they haven’t been vaccinated. With the COVID-19 virus going around, sexually transmitted infections aren’t the only thing that you need to worry about.

Here are some tips for having casual sex:

Be Prepared

Whenever you’re having casual sex, you need to make sure that you’re prepared. If you go out with the intention of finding somebody to take home, then have contraceptives there. If you use websites to find local sex contacts, then make sure that you have contraceptives in your car or in your bag. This is so that wherever you end up, you are prepared. If you don’t have contraceptives, the other person might refuse to have sex with you. You might also end up having to confront an awkward situation later down the line if somebody becomes pregnant. You should also bring contraceptives so that you can avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Keep It Simple

When you’re looking for casual sex, keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm the person with questions or information about yourself. Usually, people don’t want that, they just want to have sex and want to leave. When you overcomplicate things, you can ruin good sexual relationships. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to have a sexual partner that you don’t confide in. To put it simply, try not to burden them with your emotional problems, as this can be very off-putting for the other person.

Sexual Fantasies

When you’re having casual sex with strangers or new people, keep it simple sexually too. Unless you and the other person have met under the pretense of having extreme sex, like BDSM, it’s probably not something that you should suggest. Most people will find it incredibly strange if you proposition BDSM to them. The same goes for any other fantasies that might not necessarily be considered conventional. When you develop your sexual relationship with a person, then you can introduce new ideas to them. Until you know them well, just don’t.

Hard Questions

Don’t instantly ask a person difficult to answer questions like, ‘Are you okay with having casual sex and nothing more?’ until they agree to see you again. If you’ve met a person at a nightclub or in a bar and taken them home, they may not necessarily even want to continue your relationship and see you again. They might also want more than what you’re willing to offer them. If you begin meeting up and repeating your sexual encounters, then it’s time to ask them those questions. Make sure that you explain to them that you only want sex, and nothing more. Ask them if they’re okay and how they would feel about keeping your relationship casual. If they want more, make sure you let them know you can’t offer them that.

Hanging Around

One of the golden rules of casual sex is not to hang around. Once you’ve had sex with the person, make sure that you go home. When you hang around with them and sleep in their house, you can send them the wrong message. They might think that you’re interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with them. After you’ve had sex, call a cab and go home. Conversely, call them a cab if they try to hang around.

Read the Moment

As you’re not going to be in a romantic relationship with the people that you’re having sex with, you need to learn when to read the moment. If they become overly emotional or start trying to confide in you, leave. You’re not there to be an emotional support to them. Your relationship is purely physical and nothing more. When you become an emotional crutch for them, they might begin to see you as more than a sexual partner.

Seeing Other People

If you’re going to see other people, make sure that you tell your sexual partner that. This is pure because some people are not comfortable having sex with somebody who has sex with multiple people, particularly if you and the other person regularly have unprotected sex. This can increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases, and during the pandemic increases the chances that you could spread the virus to them.

If you’re looking for casual sex, then make sure that you take all of these points into consideration. Casual sex can be a lot of fun and it can be a great way to keep yourself charged and physically active. Make sure that you’re safe and that you know the people that you’re meeting up with.