Innovative Ways You Can Optimize Space In A Small Apartment Area


Having a small apartment can be a wonderful way to live as they are super cozy and everything is within arm’s reach. It can, however, pose some obvious problems when it comes to space and being able to fit everything that you need in your home.

There are many people, however, who overestimate how much space they actually need because they don’t make the most of the space that they have. With careful planning and shrewd furniture choices, it is very possible to free up a huge amount of space in even the smallest of apartments. It is all about focusing on every aspect of your interior design systematically and saving every precious inch at each stage.

To help out everyone who is struggling for space in their home, here are some innovative ways you can optimize space in a small apartment area.

1. Buy a Sleeper Chair

The bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in any home. Especially if you live in a studio apartment, your bed can take up half of your floor space. One really easy solution to this problem is to buy a sleeper chair. The experts at explain that sleeper chairs are ideal for small apartments as they provide you with a furniture option for the day time and at night. There are various types of sleeper chairs, from armchairs to sofas, but they all fold out into a bed. When choosing a sleeper chair, make sure that it is comfortable both for sitting and for sleeping, and that it is easy to fold out and pack away again.

2. Build Closets into the Wall Space

Closets are another bulky item that can really take up a lot of space in a small apartment and are also difficult to organize your other furniture around. One great solution to this is to build your closets into the wall spaces. Not only will this help to optimize the space in your apartment but it will also help to make your apartment look more neat and tidy. Closets are very functional pieces of furniture and you need to have enough space for all your clothes, but this means you are forced to buy a very big closet, even if your apartment is small. By building your closets into the wall spaces, you will have as much room for your clothes as necessary but without the inconvenience of a bulky piece of furniture.

3. Replace Bookcases with Shelving

Like closets, bookcases can take up a lot of floor space, especially if you are an avid reader or you have a lot of CDs or DVDs. One way to free up more floor space is by replacing bookcases with shelving and putting them high up on the walls. It’s amazing how much you can fit on a shelf that runs all around your walls. Putting up shelves is really easy and just requires a drill, screwdriver. You also need a little patience to finish this task.

4. Minimize Your Life

One really simple way to optimize the space in a small apartment is simply to just have less stuff. Minimalist living has been growing in popularity over the last few years as people are looking to move away from a consumerist lifestyle. Not only can this help simplify your life, save you money, and help you appreciate the essential things in life, it is also an ideal way of living if you have a small apartment.


Identify the things which you absolutely need for your life and those things which are really unnecessary. Getting rid of all of the stuff which you don’t need can be incredibly liberating. It is so common for people these days to be totally bogged down by their possessions.

5. Keep Non-Essentials in a Separate Storage Facility

Once you have identified the things which you don’t need for your daily life, if you don’t want to actually throw them away, another option, if you have a small apartment, is to store these items in a storage facility. This is especially ideal if you are just living in a smaller space temporarily and plan to move into a bigger house in the near future. There are many local storage facilities in every town so you will be sure to find one for you.

Small apartments are incredibly charming and simplifying your life and possessions can be very liberating. With careful planning and big decisions about what you actually need, it is so easy to free up space in your apartment so that you have easily enough room. The important thing is to make considered purchases that work in your limited area. Follow this simple guide and start unlocking your apartment’s potential today.