Inquest into the death of 66-year-old Clive Condon adjourned and to be relisted


After two days, the Inquest into the death of Clive Condon at Walthamstow Coroner’s Court, was adjourned and will be relisted (i.e. held again) as further witness evidence is required to enable HM Senior Coroner Nadia Persaud to investigate all aspects regarding the care and support for Mr Condon. The Inquest will be held at the first available date for all parties.

At the Inquest, on 4th and 5th March, the Coroner heard expert evidence that the medical records were very poor and there was lack of leadership at Whipps Cross University Hospital, where Clive Condon died. The expert witness said that there should have been regular medical reviews and consideration of intervention.

The Coroner will be considering a conclusion that includes neglect but has made no determination at this stage given that the evidence has yet to be finished.

Tim Deeming from solicitors Tees Law, who are representing Mr Condon’s sister and brother, said:

It is essential that all relevant evidence is heard and considered by the Coroner and we understand that this will enable a full and comprehensive investigation. We hope that by relisting the Inquest, an appropriate verdict will result that safely determines all issues.”

Mr Condon attended Whipps Cross University Hospital Accident and Emergency Department (part of Barts Health NHS Trust) at 5.30pm on 16 August 2017 with an airway obstruction due to a swollen tongue. A few hours later his airway was completely blocked and he died later the same evening.

An internal Investigation Report has already identified a number of serious concerns relating to the quality of care that Mr Condon received at Whipps Cross University Hospital. The family’s concerns overall relate to a lack of basic management of Mr Condon’s care right from the outset of his admission, alongside poor handovers, communication and leadership.

As a result, despite repeated opportunities to intervene, the family believe that no-one took charge of the situation. Mr Condon’s family hope the Inquest will provide further information and insight into the quality of care that Whipps Cross University Hospital provided in order to ensure valuable lessons are learnt and acted on.