Inside Loktionov’s fraud in the Naftatrans company


Just from the time a well-known Titov’s list was initiated in February 2018, quite a show started among the runaway entrepreneurs. But Anatoly Gavrilohich Loktionov, the former vice-president of the oil company Rosneft, excelled among them. He was among the first to realise that the best defence is offence, so decided on a drastic but controversial gesture.

He used all his hypocrisy and told the whole Russia that is him who got trapped by his ex-partners in the Naftatrans company. While kept quiet about his own fraud in Naftatrans. It seems to be something strange, but this gesture had its effect and the escaped businessman has a real chance to get away with two criminal proceedings and to reach the amnesty. How could this happen – just follow the text.

A thieving habit

Just to remind, the main «achievement» reached by the entrepreneur is the unprecedented corruption scheme in the Rosneft company. While holding a leader’s position in the organisation Loktionov managed to steal 1,5 billion dollars spent on real estate and luxury goods by himself later on. Although 1,5 billion dollars seem to be a solid sum of money, Anatoly Loktionov couldn’t just stop.

Scams in Naftatrans were the new spiral of his fraud – he used to participate in the company activities since middle 2000s. Mister Loktionov managed to master in oil business, especially in the way how to get money out of oil companies he worked in. Naftatrans was not an exception. Still, the company turned out to be a real stumbling block for Anatoly Loktionov. The whole story of this business that was taken away has three partners in the basement.

Three colleagues

The official documents state that there were three main shareholders in Naftatrans: Anatoly Loktionov, Anatoly Ternavsky and Nikolay Buhantsov. Each of them had an equal block of shares. While Buhantsov owned his shares through the Glidefern Limited, Loktionov and Ternavsky owned their parts through Rayhill Limited.

That was the key point in the Naftatrans story as long as Anatoly Gavrilovich owned 60% of Rayhill Limited company. Thus, his partners had nothing to do with the fact that all the decisions on sales of company stocks were to be made by Loktionov’s final say. So Loktionov’s version of the story that his former partners took the business away and sold the company while he had no idea about that seems to be something impossible. The judicial proceedings appeared, while the strange things continued to occur.

Illegal tactics and fraud

Taking into consideration the balance of power in the company, Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov was the one who ruled. So there is no sense in the version of the businessman who had no idea of his parents preparing a heinous plot. Still that’s not the only mismatch. The fact is that he had no legal right to be involved in the Naftatrans business as long as he hold a high-rank position in the state-owned Rosneft that time.

So he couldn’t have had any entrepreneurship at all. Moreover, he had no tracks in the Naftatrans registry, while managed to make new fraud scams. Oil distribution channels’ construction in the Krasnodar region was among the largest ones. Finally these scams led him to a well-known ending: project closure, juridical proceedings, Naftatrans sale and a runaway to England.

A lie to the whole motherland

As soon as Loktionov got an opportunity to appeal, he rushed to do that. As a result the entrepreneur told the TV-channel Russia 24 that he was just a victim in the situation with Naftatrans. While trying to make the audience believe him, he told that:

  • his former colleagues used to have illegal scams
  • the sale of Nafatrans was illegal
  • he couldn’t return to Russia as long as he had unjust criminal proceedings

Only the last point has something to do with reality – if he returns to Russia, he will be punished. Meanwhile, the businessman forgot to mention that his current life abroad is not that hard. And didn’t mention the money got from the company as well. Still, after the newscast people in Russia became less critical to Loktionov.

He has a real opportunity to return to Fatherland and continue to make frauds, corruption and manipulate the public opinion. On the other hand, after all these court proceedings everyone sees his duplicity. The businessman would definitely have problems with trust by potential partners and employers: that seems to reduce the probability that one day he seizes public money again.