Inside The Hereford Films 2nd Annual Summer Party


The stars were out in force this month for Hereford Films’ second annual summer party hosted by Jonathan Sothcott and Janine Nerissa.

The worlds of showbsiness, media and finance came together to celebrate the ongoing success of one of London’s leading film companies.

Phil Davis, Rita Simons, Billy Murray, Lucy Pinder, Nick Moran, Jill Winternitz, Vicki Michelle, Mark Wingett, Zackary Adler, Adam Stephen Kelly and Nick Nevern were all in attendance at what the Sunday Mirror newspaper labelled their ‘Party of the Week’ in London’s exclusive Whitehall.

Hereford Films’ next release is The Krays – Dead Man Walking, which hits DVD September 10th. The busy indie film company’s future slate includes Reckoning Day, We Still Die The Old Way, Operation Tornado, X Ray Zero Niner and Assault on Hazard Rock.

All pictures – © Terry Scott