Instagram: Mirko Scarcella explains the secrets of success


A 30-year-old man from Milan is deus ex machina of success on Instagram of many famous people. Now he will reveal his tricks and how it all started

Crazy about Instagram? There is a book you must read. Instasecrets is its title and it has at least 3 subtitles, one start with: “Start earning with your Instagram profile”.

And this is what it is: the author Mirko Scarcella, 31, from Milan, is considered a guru in photo and social network binomial, since it was him who took the Gianluca Vacchi phenomenon and bring it from 2000 followers to over 10 million. But how did a young Milanese with high hopes to become an “influencer” creator and, above all, what strategies did he use to conquer the social network of the moment? Let’s try to find out.

Mirko, if someone should ask you what job do you do, what would be your answer?
Me and my collaborators work in communication: we work with celebrities, record companies, various companies. And we are good at giving visibility to people or business on the web. To sell people, in the sense of pleasing them. Expecially on Instagram.

Celebrities such as Gianluca Vacchi?
Yes, it is the case that had more resonance, because we started practically from zero. He had 2000 followers and when we stopped working with him he had 11 million.

How was it possible to bring a 2000 followers Instagram profile to 11 million?
“Our job is to understand the potentiality of a profile. In that case: positive and optimistic posts, which reflected a philosophy of life in which people could recognize themselves. Being a source of inspiration on Instagram rewards”.

Without tricks? Or followers purchasing?
No, it wouldn’t make sense: if you go down the street and you have fake followers, no one will stop you. It’s like opening a restaurant and not serving quality food. It wouldn’t work. And then there is another thing … .

“With web and social media you can work with honesty and method and the results come. It is scientific ».

His book is full of tips and strategies to get visibility on Instagram. Hard to speak about them all. But tell me at least 4.
“Here they are:
1. Rule number one: not to wear masks, be authentic. People appreciate authenticity.
2. When we publish a photo, we shall not think if we like it or not, but if the viewer likes it. Photos on Instagram are published to please the others. This is the watershed.
3. Better to publish photos with beautiful and bright colors: in the fast scroll of Instagram are those that strike the most attention.
4. It is essential to have many interactions: do not pull it out. To like a few photos and profiles makes us going up on Instagram ranking: the social media sees that we are active and rewards us.

It is more important originality or beauty of a photo?
“Absolutely originality wins. If I want a nice picture of the Duomo of Milan, I look for it on Google. I ask Instagram to show me the world from another perspective, even better if personal”

And what advice would you give to a celebrity?
Let’s say you’re Cristiano Ronaldo. To get more followers, I would advise you to like some of the followers of Lionel Messi, his direct competitor. It is one of the strategies we use: to identify the competitor and interact with his fans to make us appreciate them. It works”.

By the way, which VIPs rely on your care?
“I could tell you a lot, but it wouldn’t be correct: I don’t like using characters to have reflected visibility. With Vacchi it happened because the news in some newspapers came out and I had to make some statement. I make very few exceptions: in some cases a friendship grows up and I talk about it, without problems.

But in general who requires your company? Sportsman? Influencers? Popstars? Famous DJs like the one you mentioned before, in confidence?
Yes, but not only. Even professionals who want to show a different face to the world. From some time, for example, we are also following a Miami lawyer: one of the most prestigious studies in the US, who wants to show his human side: he makes ironic videos full of motivational messages, which are having success. His name is Gianni Mendes: look at him. He manages to get involved despite doing a very serious job.

And of Italians?
None: most of our customers live in the US and Spain. Maybe some Italians are there but they don’t live here. It’s a strategy: social media will find you more interesting if you make a name for yourself outside the borders “.

So for you “nemo prophet in home country” is it a deliberate choice?
“That’s right. I am Italian and I love Italy, where I live for 4 months a year. But I believe that international work pays: a bit like a soccer player who decides to play abroad. If you shall pass me the comparison.

What is different about working abroad?
“Precision, immediacy, few words to close an agreement: but this is a characteristic of the English language”.

And what about us Italians we have?
A great passion in doing things, which is lacking abroad. there they look more to the business. We, on the other hand, are more passionate and we put our heart into our work “.

How did it all begin, remember it?
“I started getting interested in the web as a child. I liked the fact that behind the screen there was a world and many answers to my questions “.

And the first job?
From Zara, I folded T-shirts all day, but I didn’t feel the adrenaline I was looking for, I had a permanent contract, I waited to pursue my dreams. So, in my twenties I thought of bringing together photographers and customers who wanted to take a photo shoot: then the costs for a well-done photo shoot were prohibitive. Hence the idea to shoot them down using the web. after a while I thought of applying this model to other sectors, such as restaurants and other sectors, taking advantage of the then growing enthusiasm for e-commerce. Then came Facebook and many companies began to want to associate themselves with famous people to hit the social media audience: and I dived there.

Did you work alone?
No, with a team of “nerds ”. Computer experts I still develop communication strategies with.

How much did you invest at the beginning?
“Nothing. I had a netbook for a few euros. This is the beauty of the web: it allows you to develop ideas without money “.

Is it still valid today?

You told me you were born in Milan…
To be exact I was born in Sesto San Giovanni. And I believe that being born on the outskirts of the suburbs as Ramazzotti sang: he lights a fire inside you. If you don’t spend all days at the park smoking the pipes and that’s it, suburbs gives you the right energy to achieve your goals. I still remember when I dreamed of moving to sparkling Milan and working to succeed. Today I travel the world for work but I have not forgotten it. ”

What do you like about your job?
“It makes me happy to do a job that is different every day. It is the cure for boredom: the evil of these years. But believe me it’s not the luxuries and the good life that interest me. In fact, the clubs didn’t even like boys: I preferred to stay at home to think. I ask myself 1000 questions, I am an introspective type “.

One last question: do influencers really work?
Well… There are too many, which are proposed as influencers. But those who have 50 thousand followers or even 200 thousand, to what extent do they influence our choices? And then they all look alike. The truth? The real influencers will be no more than 200 in the world, apart from the celebrities. And those who earn on Instagram are less than you think.