Instant Roulette – A Unique Twist of a Classic Game


Roulette is a game that’s found in almost every casino around the world. Even ones that don’t have physical roulette wheels still have electronic versions that are controlled by a computer instead of a human. Historians believe that it originated in France sometime during the 18th century, around 100 years after the first casinos began to open in Europe.

It hasn’t changed much over time, with every roulette game using a wheel that has several pockets, each of which is assigned different numbers. Traditionally, these pockets have been coloured red and black, though some variations do exist.

The 0 and 00 found on most wheels (usually coloured green) also existed on these wheels, though they were reserved for the house and couldn’t be bet on.

There are now several major versions of roulette, American, European, and French, though the variations are very small, so anyone who was used to playing one version would have no trouble playing any of the others.

Even after the invention of online casinos, roulette has remained mostly the same. Casino operators have created new versions that are slightly different, but they don’t change the mechanics or feel of the game.

For the most part, the only differences they create are in the styling, maximum or minimum bet, or the speed at which the game is played.

That is, until now….

Instant Roulette

This changed in July 2020, when Evolution Gaming, one of the casino industry’s biggest players launched an exclusive new roulette game. The company is widely considered to be one of the most innovative casino software developers, earning it numerous awards, including Live Casino Supplier of the Year and Multi-Channel Supplier of the Year at the eGaming Review B2B Awards.

This culture of innovation has helped to create Instant Roulette, a new way to play this centuries-old game.

For players, watching the ball spin around the wheel is fun and exciting. The anticipation of what pocket the ball will eventually land in is what keeps players enthralled. However, there can be a relatively long time between spins as the dealer pays out to winning players and then gives them time to make their bets on the next round.

Evolution’s instant roulette fixes this problem.

Places Your Bets Whenever You Like

Instant Roulette cuts out this waiting time by creating a system that means there is always a ball spinning. Instead of one roulette wheel, the game uses 12 individual wheels that are synchronised to spin in sequence.

This means that there is always at least one ball spinning at any one time and at least one accepting bets.

Players don’t need to wait to be told “place your bets now”, instead, they can place their bets whenever they like. The Instant Roulette game will automatically assign their bet to the next available wheel, meaning they won’t wait long to find out the outcome of their wagers.

Players in Control

The speed of the game does mean that players must bet on each wheel, it’s designed to put them in control of their gaming.

They can place a bet at any time they like, whether that’s betting on every wheel or taking their time to place their chips down when they feel the time is right.

With Instant Roulette, players have the opportunity to spend time setting up their bets. If they want to think about which number, colour, or group of numbers to pick, they have the freedom to do that before they press the “Play Now” button.

Players that are happy with the bet they placed in the last game can even choose the “Rebet” button to instantly place the same wager again.