Interested In Music? Here’s How To Get Started Online


Music is a joy for the ears to behold and hence just about everyone listens to music. Creating music, on the hand, is a different beast. Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to start learning how to make music.

There is so much information and resources readily available that most people are stuck before they even begin. There are many routes to use as it pertains to learning music online. Interest in music is the most important thing because if you have why you can find how.

The following are some tips to help you get started with music online:

Break Down Songs

One of the first things you will have to do if you are interested in learning about or creating music is changing how you listen to music. You should start thinking about music as a producer and not as a consumer.

Therefore, you will have to start breaking down songs in whichever way your know-how. You may also find resources online that show you how to break down songs into verses, choruses, bridges and other musical components. Changing how you listen to music may seem easy until you try it. Ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest music from all sorts of genres. Upbeat Geek breakdown the best music each month from around the World. The better you get at breaking down and analyzing music, the better you will understand it.

Find Your Genre

If you are interested in making or learning music, then it is a good idea to start with one genre. Once you get better, you can start studying other genres. You probably have a favorite genre of music you already listen to such as classical, reggae, RnB, hip-hop, rock and house music among many others. The sooner you find a genre you want to specialize in, the better.

There is so much music to study online that you will be simply overwhelmed if you don’t choose a single genre. You can choose several if you think you can handle it but it will make learning how to make music online difficult.

Learn Music Theory

There is much you can do by yourself to learn music online. If you are going to create any music at all, then you should learn at least basic music theory which is the basis of any musical composition. However, some artists have been successful without much knowledge about it, it will help you develop a much deeper understanding of music than you would otherwise. It also makes communicating with other musicians easier as you will know the terms.


A great advantage of learning music online as opposed to offline is that you can learn from a vast array of teachers. You can only learn from one teacher at a time if you were to learn it offline. Therefore, you should look for at least one music teacher if you want to start learning music online.

A teacher or mentor will significantly speed up your learning curve. Several quality teachers will exponentially accelerate your learning progress. Much of your music education online will be done on your own with you teaching yourself. However, there is simply no substitute for experience and advice from an experienced teacher.


If you decide to learn music online, then you should know that the vast majority will be done on your own. It may be an issue for some whereas it will be a blessing for others. However, learning from others is often beneficial. You should connect with other musical students online who can help you learn. A mentor or teacher should help greatly with this.

A network of determined students is likely to learn more than a single student. You will get introduced to various perspectives that will enhance your learning experience and probably increase your understanding.


It will sound cliché but if you want to learn how to create music, then you should practice. Just because you are learning online and probably creating music digitally, doesn’t mean that you should slack off.

You should practice as often as you possibly can. Music is a practical field where all knowledge can be transferred into action hence theory should always be tested. It will be difficult to be disciplined especially when practicing alone. However, you can use various methods such as video calling apps to help you practice with others if possible.

There are many ways to learn how to play or create music online. You are only as good as your resources and amenities rarely apply to music. The key is determination and practice. If you can use the tips above, you should be ready to create music in no time.