International Picnic Day – celebrate 80,000 meals diverted from landfill by hungry Londoners


It’s International Picnic Day on Monday 18th June and to celebrate a picnic with a difference is being held. The host is Too Good To Go: the world’s largest platform for fighting food waste which has saved 80,000 meals from landfill in the Capital alone, the equivalent to 4,000 wheelie bins of food.  To celebrate this impressive achievement, and raise awareness of the ever growing issue of food waste, the Too Good To Go team are gathering in London’s iconic Hyde Park – and it’s free to join in.

⅓ of all food produced is thrown away. In the UK we currently contribute around 10m tonnes a year to this stat, equalling £17 billion and 20m tonnes of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of 2,997,602 homes electricity use in a year.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Innovative organisations are finding value in food destined for landfill and repurposing everything from wonky fruit and veg, surplus bread or even lunchtime leftovers. The picnic with a difference is free to attend – and there will be tasty treats from Toast, ChicP,  Get Wonky, Rubies in the Rubble, and of course – a selection of meals rescued via the Too Good To Go app. All these companies have 1 crucial thing in common: fighting food waste.

Come down, join in the fun and get yourself some food waste fighting freebies to try!

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