Introducing KALEIDO Summer Rolls – Salads you Eat Like a Sandwich in a Kaleidoscope of Colours & Flavours


KALEIDO is an East London based startup who wrap fresh and delicious salad ingredients with thin and transparent rice paper, offsetting it all with tasty tahini and lemon-olive oil dips. KALEIDO create light, inventive and colourful salad rolls that are perfectly portable – AKA a salad you eat like a sandwich…

Fresh from residencies at Sourced Market and catering to some of the top offices around London, KALEIDO is launching their Salad X Summer Roll concept to Selfridges this week for the rest of Spring/Summer 2019.

KALEIDO rolls are as healthy as a salad, as playful as sushi and as convenient as a sandwich. Opting for rice paper (30kcals) instead of bread, the salad rolls are free from gluten, low in calories (c100kcals per KALEIDO) and with plenty of vegan and veggie options, they are suitable for many diets.

The see-through rice paper rolls enable KALEIDO to create an attractive and kaleidoscopic display of fresh ingredients. Plus, there’s something about eating with your hands and dipping into flavourful sauces that adds a real sense of indulgence. The summer roll format means that the salads are versatile and portable, great for trains, picnics, day festivals, meetings, events and keeping a scrolling hand free whilst lunching at your desk.

KALEIDO believe foodies have the right to eat healthily – so they’ve created a new generation of salads that are decidedly fun to eat. Founder Laura Mimoun says, “Our salad rolls remind us of a kaleidoscope, the magical toy from our childhood: a tube full of colours, beautiful shapes and endless combinations. We believe eating well is about being a bit clever: stripping away the unnecessary and adding in plenty of good stuff! We design smart recipes that are surprisingly simple, tasty and good for you.”

Choose from a constantly changing array of rolls including classics such as the Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Cream Cheese & Dill and Chicken Caesar KALEIDOs or go vegan with Tamari Roasted Aubergine, Spring Onion, Sesame & Chilli and White & Red Cabbage, Carrot, Courgette & Peanut Sauce KALEIDOs – if the selection is too tempting, you can opt to mix & match to taste the KALEIDO rainbow.

Founder Laura Mimoun is 32 and lives in East London with her husband Denis. Everything started with a £30 voucher they spent on rice paper sheets, prawns, noodles & coriander to make traditional Vietnamese summer rolls (which are very popular in France, where the couple are from). While rolling, they discussed how amazing it would be to wrap any conceivable salad with rice paper so that you could eat it just like you would a sandwich.

Laura says, “One evening, I was at home, preparing rice paper rolls for our dinner. As I was filling them with vegetables, I realised that I was effectively creating a salad that you can eat like a sandwich. The idea is incredibly simple but there wasn’t anything like it. We got excited, Denis encouraged me to resign from my corporate job and make it happen. And here we are now, transforming salads into magical tubes packed with brightly coloured goodness! We’ve fallen in love with this idea because we felt it was a playful, innovative, simple & clever way to eat healthy, offering a multisensory experience!”