Introducing Rendang + Rice – mouthwatering home-made recipes from Indonesia at Camden’s Buck Street Market


Rendang + Rice by Jasmin Ayling is the newest addition to Camden’s Buck Street Market – the UK’s first eco-conscious consumer market. Boasting a menu of traditional, rich and fragrant rendang curries and fluffy Boa Buns, Rendang + Rice is bringing bold and vibrant Indonesian family recipes to the heart of London.

On opening Rendang + Rice, Jasmin Ayling said: “I have always dreamed of opening a restaurant and I wanted to capture a part of my family story with ‘Rendang + Rice’. All the food you find on the menu has been made fresh and from scratch. The curry paste is made from scratch. The two ice creams are made in house and so is the sambal, pickles and sauces; all made in the little kitchen at Rendang + Rice.”

Rendang, known as ‘the king of curry’, is a traditional Indonesian slow-cooked dry beef curry that has been voted world’s best dish several times. For Rendang + Rice founder, Jasmin Ayling – former Head of Innovation at Wagamama and a 2019 MasterChef quarter finalist – it has even deeper meaning. Wanting to capture a part of her family story, her rendang curry is a recipe passed down through generations in her Indonesian ancestry as a staple midweek dish shared with her loved ones. Ayling’s first bricks and mortar at Buck Street Market will introduce the recipe to London’s exceptional international food scene.

The mouth-watering four hour braised beef Rendang Curry is rich with flavours of coconut milk, layered with fragrant lemongrass, kaffir lime-leaf, ginger and spices, and is also available as the ‘Ve-dang‘, a plant-based rendang made with pulled king oyster mushroom and lentils, suitable for vegans. Both curries are served with coconut Jasmine rice, crispy onions, family-recipe sambal and fresh cucumber.

Bao Buns make an appearance on the menu several times, with an option to have the incredibly moreish Rendang in a fluffy bao bun with house-made tamarind BBQ mayo and pink pickled onions. For dessert, ‘Bao-nut’ sweet baos – fried until golden and filled with a choice of homemade ‘speculoos’ spiced ice cream or vegan pandan and coconut ice cream, complete with vegan caramel sauce, cookies and sprinkles.

Located in a recycled shipping container within the UK’s first eco-conscious consumer market, it is of no surprise that sustainability is at Rendang + Rice’s core. Using only sustainably sourced beef from small family owned farms in the UK and ensuring 50% of the menu is plant based, each recipe is designed to minimise food waste. All food is served in eco-packaging with biodegradable forks and only canned drinks will be served at the trader hotspot to avoid plastic use.