Introducing the EatSafe app


Most food safety hazards arise as a result of little or no understanding of the associated risks. The presence of chemicals such as BHT and maltodextrin in consumed food leads to cancer, diabetes, and other severe illnesses.  Being informed can help you go a long way in limiting your exposure to chemicals and other toxins that make food unsafe.

The EatSafe app ensures that the food for sale is safe for human consumption and complies with all health and requirements. The EatSafe app scans food and product ingredients labels for additives, preservatives, and colorants to determine food safety.  It has a stellar recognition for food safety. The app will inform, enlighten and educate you regarding the safety of food anywhere, just use your camera to scan the food label. Information is power, and the EatSafe app gives power back to food consumers in an effortless manner, by just using the camera and artificially intelligent features to determine the safety of foods.

Knowing which foods contain bad additives, preservatives and colorants is almost impossible for most people. Pregnant women, people with underlying health conditions and people observing certain dietary or nutritional requirements hence face difficulty while deciding which foods to consume. Making a wrong or informed decision about which foods are safe can result in a food-borne illness. The Centre for Disease Control(CDC) estimates that in the United States, foodborne illness affects 48 million people or 1 in every 6 Americans, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths yearly.

Eatsafe app can easily be incorporated in any individual’s lifestyle. To help you in making safe food choices is the EatSafe app, just install it in your android or Apple device and keep using it. Take the advantage of creating your medical profile on the app for it to customize safety recommendations based on your health condition.  After scanning and analyzing the food ingredients as well as your medical profile, an indicator ranging from red to green is displayed, with green indicating that the food is safe and red depicting that the food is hazardous or unsafe.

Appropriate food safety, hygiene and cleanliness compliance is important for your health protection and that of your loved ones. Safety issues of foods commence during primary production at the farm and continue till consumption.  Very few people have the time and knowledge to check and understand food and product ingredients to determine the safety of the food they are about to consume. However, if you are one of the few who asks, “are any foods safe to eat anymore?”, download an excellent performing, fully compliant and overall top-notch food safety app that will answer all these questions for you.

Observing the safety of the food you eat can go a long way in preventing many illnesses and ensuring that one lives a healthy and long life.  Small lifestyle changes that you persist over time can lead to better health or even a healthy weight. Download and keep using the EatSafe app today for prolonged and better health. Saad Tariq and Lamine Kone built the EatSafe app, a tool to guide the general population into making better healthy decisions in terms of food consumption.

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