Introducing the fabulous, multi-faceted and still a cutting-edge fashionista at 60 – Amanda Eliasch


Fabulous, multi-faceted and still a cutting-edge fashionista at 60 – Amanda Eliasch is a one off. Outspoken and gregarious, Eliasch can currently be seen on BBCiplayer on ‘Inside Chelsea Britain’s Wealthiest Borough’.

After appearing in the show she grew interested in Meereen Baig’s area of London, Tottenham to see how different it was from Chelsea, the cultural differences, streets, architecture, music and shops. Would she fit in? She has asked to meet Mehen’s family and have a feel for her life…. She is also in the process of working with Alison Jackson with her Photography Competition.

A few years ago she wrote, produced and directed a film about her life called ‘The Gun The Cake and the Butterfly’ for which she won 7 awards. These included ‘Best Documentary Art Film for the Ischian Film & Music Festival, Best Female Director at the Burbank Film Festival and the most exceptional documentary award at the La Jolla Indie Fest.

Her poetry book, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly was published through Chipmunka in 2008. Her autobiographical play, As I Like It, was performed at the Chelsea Theatre Kings Road London, and The Macha Theater in West Hollywood. She also produced The Vortex by Noël Coward to the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles and the Rebel Show of James Franco at the Venice Film Festival with Liberatum.

She created a book of photographs called ‘British Artists At Work’ with Assouline on 46 Artists for Italian Vogue, which included contributions from her best friend Tracey Emin, The Chapman Brothers, Mat Collishaw, Sam Taylor Wood and Fiona Rae. Her own photographic work has included a black and white show ‘Three Way Mirror’, held in London in The Cork Street Gallery and ‘Peep’ that was exhibited at Proud Gallery London. Her photography work often consists of glossy fashion-shoot images and nudes and her photographs have also appeared in Made by Indians and Made by Brazilians – both with art curated by Fabrice Bouret.

Amanda Eliasch was born in Beirut, and enjoyed an idyllic childhood in Wiltshire, where she lived with her mother Caroline Brown, an opera singer, and grandfather, film director/producer/writer, Sidney Gilliat (St.Trinians). After training as an actress at ALRA and RADA, she studied photography, and was assigned to photograph for British Artists at Work by Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue. Since 2008 she has been the fashion editor for GenLux.

She has two grown up sons Charles & Jack and currently resides in an incredible designer town house overlooking the Bridge in Chelsea. Her home, which also doubles up as her work space, has her own unique designer stamp also boasts an amazing collection of modern art which she loves. Amanda is a collector of hats and has an incredible wardrobe of clothes. She loves Purcell and the Baroque Period and is Polymath of different talents. She also enjoys writing, conspiracies, art and singing.

Politically she is pro-Brexit and has a strong interest in politics in general. She supports the UK branch of Turning Point USA, an organisation to encourage free speech. She is also a passionate advocate of Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization connecting actors, artists, performers and artists with children battling serious medical conditions: