Is Kylie Jenner Seeing Drake While Pregnant With 2nd Child?


Just a week after Kylie Jenner announced her multi-million dollar business deal, new rumors are already spreading about the KUWTK star.

The first rumor is that she is now dating Canadian rapper and producer, Drake. The other rumor is that she may be pregnant.

Kylie’s representatives have denied claims about a romance with Drake, however no announcements have been made regarding a potential pregnancy.

These rumors come just off the back of previous speculation that Kylie had a breast augmentation procedure. Fans thought her breasts looked larger and more overweight than normal, however a potential pregnancy may be the reason for that. Here’s a closer look at what is going on.

A Budding Romance With Drake

Some news outlets are still reporting on Kylie’s recent breakup with Travis Scott back in October. However the headlines have changed to reports of a new romance with rapper and music producer, Drake.

According to sources close to Kylie, she and the Canadian rapper have been longtime friends. However, now they appear to be “hanging out” more. Like Kylie, Drake is also a parent and is newly single.

One source close to Kylie said that the pair is “not in a relationship”. However, another source claimed “it mostly seems like they have chemistry, flirt and hang out. Nothing too complicated”.

One source even said that the pair had been hanging out “romantically” and that “Drake is very close to the family”.

Kylie reportedly attended Drake’s 33rd birthday party that was held recently in Los Angeles. She was also at his Halloween party back in October.

There is currently no bad blood between Drake and Kylie’s ex, Travis Scott. However, Drake did have an issue with one of Kylie’s exes in the past, Tyga. The pair had a very public feud; throwing shade at each other via music, social media, and though their music lyrics.

Could Kylie Be Pregnant Or Is She Just Overweight?

Pregnancy rumors were sparked by Caitlyn Jenner, whose recent statements had fans convinced Kylie was overweight because of pregnancy.

In an episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Caitlin said that she “will have 20 grandchildren in December”. This had many fans struggling to reconcile how many grandchildren she already had. And many wondered who in the family may be the next to have a baby. Many people pointed the finger at Kylie, who has already spoken freely about her desire to have more kids.

Kylie openly shared this with with fans back in October via Instagram. She said, “I can’t wait to have more babies but I’m not ready just yet”.

Since giving birth to daughter, Stormi, Kylie has also been honest about her changing body. She admitted that she had some weight gain during the pregnancy, and that her boobs are much bigger than they were before. This could explain why Kylie’s figure has become more shapely since giving birth.

The KUWTK star has still not commented on the rumors about a pregnancy. However, she maintains that her primary focus is her daughter, Stormi, and her makeup business.

Nobody else in the Kardashian/Jenner family has announced a recent pregnancy. It is still unclear what Caitlyn Jenner may have been alluding to in her statement about her grandchildren.