Is virtual sex the future?


Although history records some events like the pandemic in different centuries before the 21st, no one could imagine that life could change so dramatically due to the speed of events that the COVID-19 is recording in 2020.

A break from routine and a change in behaviour within all aspects of daily life seemed distant, and why not say so, impossible. Meanwhile, the virtual world is gaining more strength and life, becoming, for many, a powerful discovery.  

Moreover, the current situation is more like that of a science fiction film. When the first cases began to be recorded in the epicentre of China, some even thought it was totally unlikely that it would go far. However, it has happened, it has spread almost all over the planet. 

Art often makes real readings of life, of things that can happen. Now it is not different and once again, it is surprising. It seems that “life imitates art” as some poets have said. The world is going through a pandemic and countless states of alarm that seem to paralyse time. Teleworking, confinement, social distancing and virtual sex have become part of a vocabulary that allows any form of relationship at a distance to be valid. 

After each week accompanying the step-by-step path towards what is known as the new normality, Skokka is confronted with an infinite number of questions regarding adultwork that, for the time being, seem impossible to answer.

Being confined allows you to let go of your imagination without too much prejudice. The precaution of maintaining social distance, avoiding intimate contact such as kisses or hugs depending on the moment, should be followed as a first plan. Therefore there is an increase in the use of virtual tools as an alternative to escape from all the mental confusion that a confinement can generate.

However, alongside the virtual world, dating and online sex – you could find a London Escorts service, there are the new sex toys. For them, for them, for any individual looking for new ways to have sex and discover themselves. More and more companies and manufacturers want to find the best products, best quality and materials for healthy sex. 

Human nature has the need to coexist with other individuals, as well as to seek in their fellow peers the affinity of intellect and sexuality. So, will virtual sex continue with the same intensity? It is difficult to predict a future that is to come in the conditions in which the world finds itself.

On the one hand, in the course of the pandemic, it remains the only and most correct assertion, that social distancing helps to avoid mass contagion. On the other hand there is the desire to relate, to have a social life, to be able to have sex with the most beautiful companions, even if the conditions seem difficult.

However, there remains the importance of care in using technology as the most important aid. Human relations are necessary, although for the time being, until the spread of the virus is controlled, it is best to avoid kissing and too much closeness.

Is there a new sexual evolution?

Meeting an escort in London, occasional encounters, quick romances, having a bit of sex… For now, everything is on hold for many people all over the world. However, the changes in routine also cause an emotional need to arise at the same time as sexual desires.

The restructuring of society as a result of a highly contagious virus makes it possible to make progress in a special and necessary way. First confinement, then social distancing. 

The physical needs still exist, however, intimacy can have a change that allows one to see the current situation, whether it is momentary, in another perspective. 

This is when we talk about a sexual revolution. This is a social perspective that confronts the established traditional codes of conduct related to human sexuality and interpersonal relationships. Sexual freedom that debates diversity also presents different views of how relationships between individuals are allowed to be conducted. 

This term can be seen as a consequence of a process in recent history, which in this case is directly related to the pandemic versus the advance of technology. Changes in sexual behaviour are taking place in Generation Z.

The advance of technology is a fundamental part of new personal discoveries. Many generations can find in the virtual world what seemed impossible before. 

From the new conditions of this sexual revolution, the term cyber sex appears stronger than ever. This concept is most often directed at the young people of this generation, who are the ones who use the tools that technology offers the most. However, the virtual world is an important part of the daily lives of young people who find within technological resources a different way of contact with the world.

Will virtual sex still be the best alternative?

For the time being, it is better to wait until sex can be safe and relaxed again, as it should be. Only time will be able to answer that question. Meanwhile, many virtual platforms are in constant evolution. It is a work that continues to expand so that more people learn to want to use virtual services.

Not only do you live from sex, although having sex slows down anxiety and takes away a lot of the tension that builds up every day. As long as there remains insecurity about interpersonal contact, flirtation, conquest and the most pleasant conversations can be the outlet that feeds the soul.

The study of both virtual and product alternatives to increase the well-being of users is in full swing so far.

For a while at least, virtual sex with female escorts in Dublin becomes safe sex, the condom to avoid illness or pregnancy. Life has to be lived, although the best thing is to continue keeping distance and trying to find the best alternatives so that everyone can enjoy a little bit, without all the fears that continue to press in pandemic times.

It is time to discover all the advantages that virtual world technology can offer. Perhaps one can find fiery toys, virtual encounters, even the discovery of repressed desires. 

Signed.: Julia Santos