Italians say ‘Thank you’ in Russian!


Heartwarming videos with Italians saying ‘Spasibo’ — ‘Thank you’ in Russian — have begun to spread over the Internet and social media in the last few days. The main reason for such touching gratitude was humanitarian aid that Russia sent to Italy several weeks ago.

It’s known that Italy is suffering a lot from COVID-19 epidemic. Thousands of Italians are infected and literally fighting for their lives in hospitals – especially in the northern parts of the country. They are facing the critical shortage of appropriate medical equipment, qualified epidemiologists and medical staff.

Russian planes with humanitarian aid, face masks, mechanical ventilation systems, protective suits and doctors landed in Italy on 22 of March.

Some people are looking for hidden motives behind the Russian humanitarian aid. Some mass media noticed that other countries, in their turn, have aided Italy with financial support.

Nevertheless, the reaction of Italians saying ‘Spasibo’ shows that they are much more appreciative for practical support –life saving medical equipment and much needed extra doctors.

Some Italians noted that the current crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have raised borders between countries. It is true. But on the other hand the mentioned crisis has also revealed who is ready to help others in difficult times and who is not.