Jamie Oliver opens London’s smallest café to launch new on-the-go food range

FREE FOR EDITORIAL USE - Jamie Oliver road-tests new on-the-go food range at his smallest eatery to date, a traditional cabmen’s shelter in Russell Square, to announce the launch of Jamie Oliver deli by Shell, London. Cabbies and passers-by queue up at a traditional cabman’s shelter in Russell Square, to road-test the new range of Jamie Oliver deli by Shell. The new menu will include such snacks as Superfood Red Fruit Porridge Hot Pot, Egg, Bean & Bacon Hot Pot, Mediterranean roasted veggie & ricotta wrap, a smoked cheese and slaw spicy chipotle chicken sandwich as well as a new kids’ meal box which will feature a rye bread sandwich, fruit, vegetables and a dip. The 80 new products will be available at over 500 of Shell’s service stations across the UK from January 31st. Photo credit should read: Joe Pepler/Pinpep

Today, Shell announced the launch of its new range of food on the go, which has been created with chef Jamie Oliver. From 31 January, over 80 new products will be available at more than 500 of Shell’s service stations across the UK, ensuring that Britain’s drivers have a bigger, better choice – with fresh ideas, fantastic flavours and clever twists.

The new Jamie Oliver deli by Shell range includes classic items, such as sandwiches and wraps, that have been given a Jamie update, alongside a brand new selection of delicious products including salads, sushi, hot pots and a mealbox just for kids. There’s something for everyone, including revamped indulgent items alongside these new, healthier alternatives.

As people increasingly look to save time in their busy lives, providing better choices on the go is even more important. This long-term partnership is announced as a recent IPSOS Mori* survey reveals that over half (56%) of UK drivers want healthier choices at forecourts.

Jamie Oliver and Shell have injected more fruit, veg and colour into the range, to give people what they’re asking for – exciting, tasty, healthier food to choose from on the road. This includes 69% more fruit and vegetables across the sandwich range, which will contribute to an estimated 1.2 million additional portions of daily fruit and veg, annually.