Jason Ellis blasting the air ways in Dallas, TX


Jason Ellis blasting the air ways in Dallas, TX

The Gyst radio show, a conservative talk show that has only been around for about a month has more than just the host talking.

The host of the show, Jason Ellis along with his crew, part time Kadie and producer Matt are changing the game in talk radio. These 30-year old’s bring a younger, real-world experience with new guest every week, not just an echo chamber like all other talk shows in Dallas.

Although the host Jason refers to himself as a republican and conservative on air, he has gained negative attention from his own party. His views and comments seem to suggest that he is on the crossroads of his political views.

He has been quoted saying, that he is a commonsense republican. But one thing is for sure that he is bringing in the listeners from all sides, whether you agree or disagree there’s something about him and his crew that just keeps you coming back for more.

With so much attention, it won’t be long until you hear him across the nation, but for now you can only listen in for 1 hour a week on 1190 am on Sundays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

You can also check out his Facebook page,” the GYST radio show”.