JOB TODAY are on the hunt for London female workforce to be featured in exhibition


JOB TODAY, the UK’s number one mobile hiring app, is championing the female workforce of London, by working with critically acclaimed British photographer, Lewis Khan, for an upcoming exhibition called ‘Saturday Girls’ in London. The exhibition will take place this October and is searching now for women of London to put themselves forward to be part of this once in a lifetime exhibition, closing date 28th August 2018.


‘Saturday Girls’, a term coined decades ago that describes women using part-time, weekend work to enhance their lives, prospects and financial freedom, has evolved. Now Saturday Girls have become more entrepreneurial, tech savvy, and may even juggle multiple part-time jobs to enjoy more flexibility.


This celebratory ‘Saturday Girls’ exhibition, will exhibit the evolution of job roles in London and showcase modern women that are killing it in the workplace. This is a once in a lifetime, exciting opportunity for the female workforce!

The 10 chosen women will be photographed by British photographer Lewis Khan, have their story shared and will also receive their top three portraits alongside £200 each.


How to enter for JOB TODAY’s Saturday Girl London exhibition:


JOB TODAY is looking for womenaged between 16-29 years old, who have a weekend job to take part. They could be:

A student juggling multiple jobs around studies

A woman setting up her own business around a part-time job

A mother working weekends for flexibility around childcare

A woman who chose to not go to University and decided to build a career out of a weekend job


Whatever your story, JOB TODAY wants to hear from the current generation of ‘Saturday Girls’. If you’re interested in getting involved, potential Saturday Girls can submit further details via JOB TODAY’s



The final date to apply is 28th August, and shooting will take place in September.


The date of the exhibition will be released next month.