Jonathan Sothcott says he’s looking for more female-driven action films after working with Rita Simons


In an interview with The Daily Record, Sothcott discussed how ex-Eastenders actress Simons was one of his main reasons for making DVD hit THE KRAYS – DEAD MAN WALKING: “Its unusual for a geezer film to have such a strong female character… That’s something we need to try and change as film-makers and do better.”

Over the years Sothcott has worked with a number of high profile actresses including Sheridan Smith, Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles, Kierston Waering, Kate Magowan, Alison Doody, Lysette Anthony, Rula Lenska and Jaime Winstone.

He teased that his next film, gangland home invasion movie RECKONING DAY will be more female skewed, telling the paper “of the four total protagonists, three of them are women. That’s how it needs to be.”