Josh Pfeiffer’s “One More Time” Hits #1 on UK Chart & #2 on Canadian Chart Following Debut

By Alexandra Fasulo


Josh Pfeiffer is back, and he’s back with a soul-shaking, heart-wrenching ballad “One
More Time” that will resonate with listeners everywhere. Haven’t we all thought “just
one more time” for a lot of things? One more kiss? One last goodbye? Pfeiffer is doing
what he knows best – he’s crooning his way into listeners’ hearts everywhere with his
latest single that has won adoration and chart-topping success in both the UK and

Peaking at #1 on the UK Country music chart, as well as #2 on Canada’s top-listened
music chart, One More Time is Pfeiffer’s most successful international music chart
debut since his launch onto the acoustic-country music scene. With an iTunes Country
Music Chart ranking of UK #1, US #96, and CAN #2, as well as an iTunes Main Chart
ranking of UK #38 and CAN #46, Pfeiffer is well on his way to center stage. Additional
stats include a UK #57 rating for the overall sales during the December 28, 2018 until
January 3, 2019 window.

Kicking the melancholy single off singing “we couldn’t say goodbye, if we hadn’t said
hello,” it’s hard not to reflect on our own lives, and that painful goodbye we’d give
anything to change. “I wouldn’t change a thing, although it breaks my heart”
continues Pfeiffer, lamenting the time he spent with a lover who is no longer.

Following smooth cinematography that glides over the memories Pfeiffer shared with
his lover, their embraces, and their exchanges, artistic angles are captured of Pfeiffer
on a sailboat as it meshes with the sunset colors. The music video perfectly
encapsulates that feeling of just wanting one more time for a dance, for a smile, for
an embrace, or for an embrace.

Delivering news to his lover that Pfeiffer is lost at sea, most likely gone forever, it’s
hard not to burst into tears as we watch his lover process news no one ever wants to
receive. At this point, the music video challenges us to feel that “one more time”
feeling, this time for someone in our own lives who has passed on, all too soon.

Ending with a twist that hints this might not be the end for these lovebirds, it’s up to
you, the viewer, to decide what you think.

Following the immense success of playful singles, like Brand New Shoes, One More
Time is a stark departure for Pfeiffer, showing listeners his versatility as an artist.

Aptly noted as a return to country, time will tell what else Pfeiffer has up his sleeves
in the year to come.

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