Riccardo Lex talks about “How To Stay Humble”


Every successful businessman knows what it takes to succeed. Honestly – hard work and a lot of persistence – nothing else. Once you have reached your goal you are able to understand what toughness and tenacity really means. When you go through the whole process you are developing greatest respect for everyone else who got trough the same.

Riccardo Lex shows great respect for everyone who achieved massive success. If someone knows what it means to go the path to success, it’s Riccardo.

“Everyone who made it to the top had mastered a lot of challenges before. Success is no coincidence. It’s earned. It’s earned by working hard all day and all night. Once you have coped with all upcoming challenges you feel happy for everyone else who had mastered the path to success, too. There will not be any jealousy towards others, but only great respect for all achievers.”

Nevertheless, the are some people who like to show off with their achievement. Riccardo tells us the reason for this.

“In my point of view, people who are sowing off with their achievement, are struggling with a lot of insecurity. Their way to deal with it is to catch attention of their fans. I strongly believe that people who stay humble are showing us the right way to deal with great success. Boasting is all hot air and will evaporate tomorrow.”

We all know that actions speak louder than words. So if you succeed, there will be no need to shout it from the rooftops. They will see it anyways. Riccardo shows us the perfect way to deal with success. He stays humble, no matter what. He works for fulfilling his dreams, not for recognition.

“If you are working for your dreams, you are working for your visions. You do it just for yourself. If you are working for recognition, you are working for others. This is why you want to get attention from other people. My advice for you is to never work on anything else, but your dreams. This is the only way to stay humble and to be satisfied with your work.”