Kapten introduces an Electric Class to its London Ride-Hailing Platform


Ride-hailing platform Kapten has proudly announced the launch of its new Electric Class. The in-app feature allows consumers in London to book a ride with drivers using battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) which are zero emission capable. This initiative will help accelerate the London PHV market’s path towards a fully electric fleet and help to reduce air pollution in London.

Launching on 19th November 2019, Kapten’s Electric Class starts with 1,100 electric cars, the largest fleet of this kind in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

Complementing its Clean Air Bonus, which incentivises drivers to upgrade to BEV and PHEV class vehicles, Kapten Electric is the company’s next step towards a 100% electric fleet. The move supports Kapten’s belief that the future of mobility is green, or not at all.

The company, which launched in France in 2012 and in London in May this year, has always taken into account its impact on customers, drivers, local communities and the environment. Kapten works closely with regulators and governments to ensure social responsibility is at the forefront of its developments. Caring for the environment is a main pillar of its strategy, which is why the decision was made to build an electric fleet.

What’s more, Kapten encourages users to book an electric car by rewarding their choice for a sustainable ride with discounts. Exactly like the standard service, the app is quick and simple to use and has on average 20% lower prices than other ride-hailing platforms in London.

To demonstrate the impact of this new initiative, Kapten will be sponsoring a ‘billboard that cleans the air’. Carefully selected plants will be arranged in the shape of a Kapten and placed in a highly polluted area of London. With the accompanying slogan ‘Clean green, ride-hailing machine’, Outlining Kapten’s commitment to be the greenest ride-hailing app in London.