Kareem Zoro Talks About opening a new branch of His Social Media Agency ‘I Am Dubai’ In Saudi Arabia to be named ‘I Am Saudi


Kareem Elmashad who is widely known as Kareem Zoro on the internet is a content creator based in Dubai. He has been awarded as the ‘Influencer of the year’ thrice from different magazines.

He owns a social media agency named ‘I am Dubai’ and now he is all set to open a new branch in Saudi Arabia which will be collaborating with top fine dining restaurants.

Social media has truly revolutionized today and has been the first career choice of everyone. It has given many influencers the enormous popularity. Our company will give the models access to partner with restaurants and in return, they will receive free meals and services for hyping up the restaurants on Instagram.

The two important rules which Kareem feels every model must follow are that they must be associated with a renowned modelling agency and secondly, they must have a considerable number of followers and reach on social media. The main highlight of this initiative is to give an exposure to the restaurants and increase the popularity of the influencers.

Speaking about his company, Kareem earlier said, “With ‘I am Dubai’ & ‘I am Saudi’ we are planning to enter the Middle East market by offering the best of our services and it is one of the most important and influential markets in the world.”

This company by Kareem will be one of its kind and to use the services, models can simply sign up by following the Instagram page, ‘@i.amdubai’ or by ‘@i.amsaudi’ .

With this new initiative, one thing is for sure that many influencers will get the right platform to reach to a large number of audiences. We hope that Kareem Zoro achieves success with this project and may he bring more of such innovative tactics to promote brands on social media.