Key art for Blumhouse style horror movie AURA released


Hereford Films, the London-based production outfit best known for its stylish urban thrillers such as We Still Kill The Old Way, has today unveiled striking key art for its first US-set, Blumhouse style horror movie AURA. The film is due to be released in the UK and USA in August, by 4Digital Media and Sony respectively.

Aura tells the story of Mitch Walker and his wife Diane who inherit his uncle’s house. Inside they discover an old camera designed for Kirlian Photography – the practice of capturing the subject’s ‘Aura’. Mitch’s sister Karen suffered a serious trauma at the house during her childhood after being tied up by thir uncle and has been institutionalized ever since. As Mitch pieces the facts together with the help of local clairvoyant, Ada, he realizes that their uncle was in fact trying to free Karen from an ancient demon that possessed her. Bringing the now adult Karen back to the house, Mitch and Ada try to free her of the demon but there are dark forces at work and all is not as it seems.

Aura is written and directed by Steve Lawson and stars Shane Taylor (Band of Brothers), Rula Lenska (Coronation Street), Denise Moreno (Demons & Doors) and stunning newcomer Janine Nerissa (The Krays – Dead Man Walking). The director of photography is Richard John Taylor and the producers are Jonathan Sothcott (Eat Locals) and Richard Watts-Joyce