Konstantin Ermakov’s latest music video for Miniminter & Randolph goes viral with 2.5 million views


Video director Konstantin Ermakovs latest music video for YouTube stars Miniminter & Randolph has sailed past 2.5 million views in less than 1 week.

In his latest music video collaboration, Konstantin creates a fun, high impact video filled with parody and lighthearted humour thats become a viral sensation online.

Following a string of successful music videos and projects, the filmmaker has become a go-to director for many of the UKs top YouTube stars. And with his flair for creativity, and knowledge of trends, hes able to capture peoples attention and create viral growth for the stars he works with.

Speaking with the London Post, Konstantin said that the music video for Miniminter & Randolphwas a really fun project to be a part of, and we discussed that the video should not meet your stereotypical expectations of a music video.

The Helium Song music video

Throughout the video, Konstantin injects high-impact visuals into the narrative while using special effects, multiple camera angles and mashups to create an experience that leaves the viewer wanting more.  

We did a combination of weird shots that leave you with a sense of confusion to complement the style of the track,said Konstantin.

The video directors blend of creativity has also helped him build an online community of fans for the videos he makes on Youtube while hes also explored his passion for music, launching a parody song called Stephen Little, which has been listened to more than 500,000 times on Spotify.

The directors latest music video is just another example of how artists can leverage the power of YouTube to connect with young audiences – finding success when theres strong creativity in the concept and visual style of their music videos to grow their fanbase, and connect with new audiences.

Are you a music video director? What do you think of Konstantins latest collaboration?