How Londoners Can Entertain Themselves At Home


As we near the summer, the hope is that in London and around the UK, life will slowly be easing back to normal. Some businesses are starting to reopen, there’s a chance sports could return in the autumn, and people will inevitably start to socialise, return to restaurants and parks, and so on.

However, it will still be a long while before any of this feels quite right again. Many people will be most comfortable staying home a little longer, and there is also some potential for additional lockdowns and restrictions in the months ahead. Given these conditions, we decided to write up a few suggestions as to how Londoners can continue to keep themselves entertained at home.

Football Games & Simulators

One thing many in London and around the UK will be grateful for is that there are signs of the football world starting to ramp up activity again. Summer transfer speculation is already beginning, but even before we start to see player movement, it sounds as if the 2019/21 Premier League season is going to be completed. This means that football supporters in London will have live matches to watch, possibly within a few weeks.

Nevertheless, the year in football was interrupted, and plenty of supporters are yearning for more of the sport. So, naturally, our suggestion for football lovers stuck at home is to dive into the seemingly innumerable football games and simulators that are available today. From no-frills management mobile games to the latest in the FIFA franchise, there are all sorts of opportunities for fans to simulate seasons. Doing so doesn’t quite replace the real thing, but it can certainly help to pass the hours, and a lot of fans will have a blast with it.

Theatre Productions

If you’re one to enjoy London’s vaunted theatre culture, you’ve no doubt been sorry to miss out on some of the shows that would ordinarily have been playing throughout the spring. It may be a while yet before packed theatres are the norm again, unfortunately. However, some of the London companies have been making the most of things by streaming performances for online viewers. It’s not quite the same thing as being in the building, but on the plus side, you don’t have to worry about high ticket prices or seating arrangements. If you’re a theatre fan, you can enjoy a range of shows online as if you’ve been given the best seat in the house!

Casino Games Online

Another thing that a lot of people are likely missing about getting out and about in London is the casino scene. For any in this camp, however — or just anyone looking for a bit of online entertainment — it’s worth remembering that the UK is home to an online casino scene that’s even more impressive than the in-person one. Sure, you miss out on the crowds and cocktails, but from a pure gaming perspective the internet has everything you need.

That includes all of the standard games, from poker to roulette and everything in between. Most who are familiar with the UK’s online casino platforms, however, will likely agree that the diverse selection of slot games is the real highlight. Video slots, jackpots, and some more traditional offerings combine to provide a dizzying array of subjects. So, while functionally you’re always spinning an animated slot reel, you can try doing so within most any theme or setting you like. You can spin among animated monsters, in the empires of ancient history, among characters from popular films, and so on. All in all, there’s a lot of fun to be had if you’re one for casino games.

To-Do Lists

This is a small tip, and doesn’t give you a whole lot of activity to enjoy in the time being. But if you tend to appreciate planning, or you enjoy learning new things, now is the perfect time to put together a sort of London (or total UK) to-do list. While you’re largely stuck at time, do some real thinking about the things around the city or country you’ve never experienced that you would like to. Do the research about how to best go about these activities, or learn about attractions in preparation for visiting them. This way, once you feel comfortable being out and about, you’ll have a whole list of exciting things to try.

Restaurants At Home

With a lot of Londoners undoubtedly missing the restaurant scene, another interesting idea is to simulate the restaurant experience at home. Of course it’s not the real thing, but you can take some fairly simple steps to create an ambiance. Put down a dark tablecloth, dim the lights, put out your best dishes, and light a few candles, for instance, and you’ll feel a little bit less like you’re at home, and more like you’re out for an evening meal.

To round out the experience, remember that you can order in! Plenty of excellent London restaurants are offering delivery, even if they may never have done so before. Bring in a meal from one of these establishments, and set up your atmosphere, and you might just feel like you’ve gotten out for the night (not to mention you’ll be helping a local business!).

Hopefully we can all feel safe and comfortable out in the world again soon. In the meantime though, we hope these suggestions have given you a few fun things to focus on at home.