Kostiantyn Kulyk: Prosecutor involved in Biden Scandal is expected to be fired


Amid a petition of the members of the Ukrainian parliament and failure to pass the prosecutor examination, Kostiantyn Kulyk is expected to be dismissed from the office. Mr. Kulyk became famous by supplying 7 page dossier to Rudy Giuliani’s office on corruption activities of Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine. The report was laid as the foundation for impeachment proceedings against U.S. President Donald Trump.

Members of the Parliament of Ukraine, together with representatives of the Stop Corruption public organization, expressed concern of the presence of the scandalous prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Upon completion of Anti-Corruption committee meeting, a collective request for Mr. Kulyk removal has been signed by 60 deputies, in particular representatives of the “Servants of the People”, “Golos” and “Fatherland” political parties.

“Our goal to reach out to the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office. If we planning to reboot our Prosecutor General’s Office from corrupt officials, we must start with Mr. Kulyk. My colleagues and I collected more than 60 signatures of deputies of Ukraine. We turn to the prosecutor general Mr. Ryaboshapka with a request not to allow this person to work in the new General Prosecutor’s Office” said Roman Ivanisov, deputy from the “Servant of People” political party.

The initiative was also supported by Yaroslav Yurchishin, a deputy of the “Golos” fraction and the former head of the reputable Transparency International Ukraine anti-corruption organization. According to him, Kulyk is known to anti-corruption institutions as he was under their surveillance for the last few years. There were numerous reports on corruption news, where his name is surfaced.

Representatives of the Stop Corruption organization also contacted the committee.

“We want to express our position so that the committee sends a corresponding request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Why a person who has not passed the prosecutor qualification exam, remains at his post. It’s known that in the last 5 years , Kulyk purchased real estate properties that worth much more that his average salary for the same period of time. What is the source of such an income? stated by the representative of the organization Vladimir Tsyganov

It was reported by “Center for Combating Corruption” that the prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk was among those who did not pass the certification. There was no explanation nor indication why Kulyk did not take an exam. However, by the law he can not act as a prosecutor without such certification.

Earlier this month, New York Times published an investigation report stating that Ukrainian prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk drafted a 7-page dossier on the corruption of Hunter Biden, the son of a former U.S. vice president. This report contributed to the start of the impeachment process and led to an investigation into President Donald Trump. The publication notes that by the time Kulyk resumed the corruption case related to Hunter Biden, he was accused of corruption and violation of politically motivated cases three times.

Nevertheless, Kostiantyn Kulyk remains the head of the Department at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine under the new President Vladimir Zelensky. However, according to the latest report from Reuters , Kulyk will be dismissed from his post by December 31. In such a move the Ukrainian government trying to distance themselves from the political firestorm that’s happening in USA before the elections.