London Underground showcases The Story of Marble Arch


Marble Arch London BID has partnered with Transport for London to create a new installation at Marble Arch showcasing the illustrious history of the landmark and surrounding area.

Conceived and designed by Marble Arch London BID and London Underground the installation tells the story of the Marble Arch monument from its creation in the 1800s, right up to the impact it has on London today.

The installation features 43 panels, which include information and historic images of Marble Arch and the local area. The display will stretch from the main ticket hall out towards the Park Lane and Hyde Park entrances.

The panels shed new light on the often unknown story of this national monument by revealing its tumultuous creation by architect John Nash, facts and myths about the structure and Tyburn and the role the Arch played in transforming surrounding transport systems.

The installation will also feature information on key local stakeholders that have shaped the area such as The Portman Estate, The Church Commissioners, and The Royal Parks, the charity which manages London’s eight Royal Parks including Hyde Park.

As well as acting as an educational tool, the installation hopes to attract new visitors to the station and the surrounding Marble Arch and Edgware Road area.

Kay Buxton, Chief Executive, Marble Arch London BID, comments: “Marble Arch is a landmark associated with centuries of progress in London and understanding its story and wider context provides an appreciation of the growth and social heritage of our capital.

“We would like to thank the individuals and organisations who generously supported and contributed to the creation of this installation; we hope it will be enjoyed by the 14 million visitors who pass through the station each year.

“Completing this installation marks the second successful large-scale project we have delivered this year with Transport for London to improve local public realm. Through their Ambience Partnership, Edgware Road (Circle, District, Hammersmith & City) station received numerous upgrades including the introduction of the network’s most extensive Legible London map to date. Add to this the junction and crossing improvements planned by TfL for Edgware Road in 2020, together we are creating a safer and more enjoyable setting for those who work, live and visit the Marble Arch and Edgware Road area.”