KRAYS DEAD MAN WALKING PRODUCER JONATHAN SOTHCOTT: “The British gangster film is very much alive and kicking”


We caught up with the British film industry’s man of the moment Jonathan Sothcott at the launch of his friend Sam Dowler’s new book The Insider and asked him how he was feeling about the huge success of his new Krays film starring Rita Simons.

“I’m elated and to be honest relieved,” the producer told us, “I haven’t had one of these genre films out in nearly 18 months and all you hear is that DVD is on its last legs but our numbers speak for themselves. The British gangster film is very much alive and kicking. People are very much buying DVDs but they are more selective and so the film has to be absolutely right. In this case we seem to have ticked most of the boxes.”


Sothcott’s previous films, including Vendetta starring Danny Dyer and the We Still Kill The Old Way series have sold over a million DVDs and he has no plans on switching gears to another genre any time soon. “I fully intend to be making quality British crime and action films in 5 years time,” he says, “we are gearing up to make a gangland home invasion movie called Reckoning Day and We Still Die The Old Way in the very near future.”

Asked if he has plans to make another Krays film he was cautiously optimistic: “I’d certainly like to and I have a great idea for another one-off story involving the twins, which is their involvement with the boxer Freddie Mills. I think that could be the basis of a really cool movie. So definitely watch this space.”

THE KRAYS – DEAD MAN WALKING is available on DVD and digital platforms NOW.