Las Vegas Casinos Are Now Back: Everything You Need To Know


Gambling enthusiasts who have missed playing in a land-based casino in Las Vegas can now raise their hands and scream, “Vegas, baby!” in joy as land-based casino gaming in Las Vegas is already back from its closure. Starting June 4, 2020, land-based casinos are now allowed by the state government of Las Vegas to resume operation after several months of being closed due to the lockdown and stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you wish to take a break from online casinos and live casinos such as that from 1xbet mobile, now is a perfect time. However, before you grab your keys and step up on the gas on your way to your favorite land-based casino, here are some of the major changes that you can expect in land-based casinos in their return following a long period of hiatus.

Social distancing and health measures

As with all types of business establishments, even land-based casinos are required to implement strict social distancing measures. This means that everyone in the casino–the players, the visitors, as well as the employees and dealers–should stay at least two meters apart at all times.

The wearing of masks and gloves will be strictly implemented as well. As such, you can expect casinos to implement a “no mask, no entry” policy. Most casinos are expected to provide masks and other personal protective equipment to their patrons and employees, including masks, plastic or rubber gloves, face shields, and protective body gear.

Disinfection everywhere

Expect to see hand sanitizers everywhere now, too. As they are part of the health safety requirement that land-based casinos need to follow, you can expect hand sanitizer dispensers to be available and for mandatory use from the entrance, the lobby, the game table, and even when using the restroom. Every corner of a casino would now be filled with hand sanitizer dispensers. You can even expect to get small bottles of your own sanitizer as part of a safety kit to be given to you upon entry.

Gaming equipment like chairs, tables, chips, and the like will also be rigorously disinfected from time to time, to ensure that any viruses would not thrive in surfaces for a long period of time. Even in the use of the restroom, you can now expect toilets and male urinals to be exclusively using hands-free flushing from now on, to avoid physical contact and the risk of passing on viruses through object contact.

Less players on games and tables

With social distancing measures strictly implemented, you can expect that the casino capacity of all casinos would be halved, at the very least. This would mean that there would be less players allowed to play in a table of blackjack or poker at one time. Game spectators may not be allowed to watch and gather around anymore, as it will not be in line with recommended social distancing measures.

When it comes to slot machines, expect to see 50% of the slot machines to be turned off. In order to be compliant with social distancing measures, slot machines may only be opened in a one to two machines apart basis.

This also means that there would be long waiting times before you can play a game at the table, or before you can get your turn to play in a slot machine. You can even expect to eventually have a queue outside the casino premises if guests start to come in in larger numbers.


Final thoughts

With the fear of the coronavirus pandemic still not fully settling down, there will be safety and health measures that will keep on being implemented in businesses. While this is far from the normal that most people new–in fact, some call this situation as the “new normal”–the important thing is that people are still able to enjoy their hobby of gambling in a casino.