Online Casinos Vs. Social Casinos: How Do They Differ?


While many people love to play casino games like blackjack, poker, slots, and roulette, not everyone can play in a casino for many reasons. Some people have no means to go to a casino, and others do not want to risk their money in casino games. The same is true for online casinos nowadays. While many people find the concept of being able to play casino games through a mobile app, not everyone is a fan of wagering their hard-earned money.

With that in mind, game developers have introduced the concept of social casinos. Social casinos are explicitly made for people who wish to enjoy gambling, the games, the fun, and the entertainment of casino gaming without the risk. This means that offers for an online casino like a sportingbet promo code are not applicable to social casinos. Aside from being risk-free, what are the things that make social casinos an attractive thing for casual gambling enthusiasts?

Unlimited betting

In a social casino, there is no real money involved. This is the reason why casino apps in this category do not have any form of deposit or payment method. What these apps have are in-game credits that work as your “money” you can use to bet in games. These are in-game credits that are given to you as you play and you can also earn through game “missions” and tasks.

Since there is no real money involved and the developers are not bound to pay you money at any point, giving of in-game can get extremely generous., This means that you can virtually have unlimited betting chances when playing in a social casino–you can literally play until you drop.

They are legal everywhere

One of the challenges most online casinos need to face in their operations is the issue of legality. While gambling may be legal in many countries, online betting is yet to be recognized as a legal activity by the government of various countries. Even in the United States, more than half of eh current states are yet to make online betting a legal activity.

With social casinos, this is not a problem. Since there is no wagering or betting involved, there is no worry of it being illegal anywhere–it is virtually legal anywhere in the world. After all, it is seen in the same field as most mobile games: as a harmless form of entertainment.

Play with friends

What are social casinos called for if you are not able to play with your friends? Through the use of your social media accounts linked to the social casino app, it is possible for you to play with your friends. You can do this where ever they are in the world and wherever your group wants to play.

This is also possible in an online casino, of course, but unless you have tons of cash you are okay burning in wagers, you cannot enjoy carefree betting as much as you can like in a social casino.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the advancements brought about by technology, people can now gamble with friends in a risk-free way. However, if you are still into playing casino games for real money, there are still lots of choices for online casinos you can go to. Always remember that since online casinos for real money involves wagering your hard-earned money, you cannot afford to play as carefree or as recklessly as you would if you are just playing in a social casino.

Regardless, gambling–no matter if it is only casually or for real money–should be a fun and entertaining hobby. So, have fun and if you wager, always play responsibly.