Life Journey of Fitness & Music – Fat Panda Tuan

  • Music can be remedy for depression and therapy in life.  Music makes us feel more alive;  music is a strong form of expression.  Fat Panda Tuan is a rising hip hop artist from Germantown, Maryland.  He gained recogonition after releasing the LP, “Shinobi Tempura” produced by well known Youtube Produce Kid Ocean Beats. 

Tuan Ha, known by his artist name Fat Panda Tuan was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He moved to the United States at an early age.  He came up with the stage name Fat Panda Tuan because Fat is his nickname, Pandas are his favorite animal, and Tuan is his government name so he gives his brand the unique name “Fat Panda Tuan”.

Tuan’s family background stems from a artistic family.  Tuan’s father is an acclaimed musician in Vietnam, with over 30 years experience playing the guitar and keyboard.  He is a well known keyboard player in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  He plays the keyboard in popular clubs and high end restaurants.  His mother is an outsanding professional artist; she specializes in pastel painting.  She has been featured in many major art publications such as The Pastel Journal.  Tuan’s artistic family background plays a major part of why he does music: it’s naturally in him.

Fat Panda Tuan is acknowledged for integrating popular asian culture in his brand and music. Throughout his life, he dealt with depression and weight management. He took positive step in life by exercising, losing weight, and maintained a healthy lifestyle.  Eventually, Tuan became a certified personal trainer with three NCAA accredited certifications.  As a personal trainer he developed excellent sales skills at LA Fitness.   Because of his experience and hard work dedication, he was eventually promoted to a general manager.  After experiencing some success in the fitness industry, he stopped recording music in order to focus on his career.  During his time working in the fitness industry, Tuan developed his master training experience by working with all types of fitness levels.  His track record experience grew vastly; he trained atheletes from D1, crossfit, marines and even special ops.  He also has tremendous experience working with injuries and physical therapy.

In 2018,  Tuan visited his favorite country Japan.  Through out his life he has been influenced by Japanese culture and the anime industry.  In Japan, Tuan learned more about more about life; and he realized that happiness is key in life.  He decided to put all his energy into music, combining all of these ingredients with his life experiences, he recorded his LP “Shinobi Tempura”.

His beloved project “Shinobi Tempura” is a refreshing vibe; which represents his exact artistic color. The entire project is produced by Kid Ocean, which is 14 tracks deep. Kid Ocean’s new wave melodies when combining with the Tuan’s cadence and serene flows makes the project a “whole vibe”.  Tuan said, when he was recording this album he was making it for himself, nobody else but his ears.  However, he recieved numerous positive feedback from people and this prompted him to release the project professionally.  Check out Shinobi Tempura