Meet Ike Mann – A Magnate of The Entertainment and Sports Industry


Ike Mann was born in the 80s, a decade in which events took place that could be classified as the most considerable evolution of hip hop, R&B, and many other urban genres. Music was becoming popular like never before.

Among all other genres, hip hop and rap were the genres that became fantastically popular.

Ike began to develop an interest in the rap and hip hop industries.

The first record that he ever purchased was Ice Cube’s debut album “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”. He was keen to work with many of his favourite artists, as well as people that had inspired him although he was not aware at that time that his dreams would come true.

As Ike grew older, he took up the entertainment and sports section and started working with people from the respective industries and fields.

Publicists, managers and agents inspired Ike, and he soon obtained sufficient experience as well as made contacts in the sports and entertainment industries, which allowed him to reach those high-end celebrities.

Ike started searching for talent to work with. He searched on YouTube, SoundCloud and numerous other platforms to find someone that he could work with. He even began attending talent shows throughout the United Kingdom, in search of talent.

Mr Mann did not search for popularity; instead, he chose to remain grounded and avoid public attention. One of the most exciting personalities he’s worked with was Isla Wolfe.

Isla hails from a family of musicians and is a Birmingham based producer, writer, musician and singer. After speaking to her. Ike was told that she had taught herself to sing and play various instruments at an early age. The two both currently work together, and Isla has been tipped as one to watch as she continues her rise in the music industry.

Do you want to contact Ike and get to know more about his journey, where he is now and take some advice from a professional? Then go straight to his Instagram account, which is linked below.