Local amputee undertakes endurance swims to raise money for African charity


ohnathan, 43, , has set out to do a series of progressively long distance swims. He has already completed a swim of 6 KM and is in training for a 10 KM swim in September with a swim of 17 KM some time next year.

Johnathan, an architect, lost his foot in a boating accident six years ago whilst off the Slovenian coast. Though Slovenian doctors were able to save Jonathan’s life, the wound became infected and, upon his return to the UK, had a series of operations to remove the affected parts of his leg which culminated in an amputation just below his knee. Due to the nature of his amputation, doctors had to transplant tissue from his back and thigh so that he had a viable stump.

Johnathan feels lucky to have access to the UK’s NHS.

“I suspect if I lived in Africa I would certainly be dead. That is part of my motivation for this swim to try and help those without the back up of our amazing and constantly under loved NHS.”

Legs4Africa, the charity for which Johnathan is fundraising, works to improve the independence and prospects of amputees in West Africa by providing prosthetic limbs, physical rehabilitation and opportunities so that amputees may mitigate issues caused by physical disability.

“We are constantly amazed by the tenacity of our service users and fundraisers, several of whom are amputees themselves. It is a testament to the human spirit that, against all odds, people go further than most would dream possible.” Legs4Africa spokesperson.