Local hero uses tax rebate to produce 11,000 scrubs for local hospitals


A team of local volunteers based in East London have managed to organise a team of 3,000 strong volunteers to make over 11,000 scrubs for local NHS hospitals in Suffolk, Essex and London.

Not only that but the organisers have also fundraised nearly £50,000 for more fabric to continue their work.

The initiative was set up by Kevin Bates, a retired construction worker, whose wife had just received a unexpected tax rebate.

The family, along with their daughter purchased 600 meters of scrub material with the tax rebate and decided to reach out on social to ask for support from volunteers – within 2 days they had 1,000 volunteers.

Along with donations, from local youth football teams, business and individuals they are now making and supplying scrubs to Queens Hospital in Romford & King Georges Hospital In Goodmayes, along with a number of others in the region.

You can contribute to their fundraiser on – https://justgiving.com/fundraising/for-the-love-of-scrubs-queens-and-king-george