London-based charity Family Meal cook 600 meals a day for NHS Heroes


After only two weeks of production, London-based charity Family Meal has produced over 5000 meals for NHS staff, essential workers and the vulnerable around London.

Chef Christopher Evans-Gordon and Co-Founder Aidan Christofferson, alongside a team of friends and diverse group of volunteers, are distributing over 600 meals each day in London.

Christopher, who cut his teeth under Pierre Koffmann, co-owns Fulham bar and restaurant The Little Blue Door. The local eatery, shuttered during the nationwide lockdown, recently opened their doors to other chefs and volunteers keen to help out during the COVID-19 crisis. They are working with charities The Felix Project and Food For Heroes, alongside supporting the London Ambulance Service and other institutions directly.

Christopher said: “My team and I have been blown away by the phenomenal support we’ve received, not only in the form of monetary donations, but the enormous amount of time our friends have happily thrown into this.”