London artist Escobars is one to watch


by Matthew Martino | Features

London artist Escobars has established himself as one to watch on the UK music scene, starting 2018 with the release of his new single Again N Again – things are looking up for the local star.

With Again N Again fast becoming one of the biggest tracks in the underground club scene, Escobars tells me “it’s a vibe it’s real and everyone can relate to it even the 9- 5 people it’s for them to, we all out here trying to make it and make progress everyday so we got to always no matter what go.. again n again.”

This week Escobars made the most of his Thursday night performing as a special guest for Big Shaq’s headline performance at Halo in Bournemouth.

One thing for sure, the only way is up for London music artist Escobars!

Watch Again N Again