London barber raises £4,300 for the Mayor’s Fund


Community barber’s salon Barber Streisand, located in Exmouth Market, partnered with the Mayor’s Fund for London to donate one week of takings to the London specific charity raising funds to provide healthy food to children through their Kitchen Social campaign. With most customers paying for their haircuts and beard trims by contactless card it was imperative that donations were made using similar technology.


DONATE™ provided Barber Streisand with a contactless tap+DONATE™ donation box so that customers could make a donation of the price of the cut. The contactless donation box removed the necessity to book the sales and provided a direct route for the donations to reach the Mayor’s Fund for London.

Explanatory material was made available to customers explaining the initiative and how their donations would provide an immediate benefit to the local community.

A total of £4302.41 was donated over the five days at an average donation of £25. £3716 was made in contactless donations (£86% of total raised) and £586.41 in cash donations