London born music producer Scott the Pisces releases his debut EP ‘Ocean Blue’


Scott the Pisces releases his debut EP featuring Canadian Popstar “Aleesia” and a team of talented female artists.

Poised for a worldwide breakthrough year, Scott the Pisces is an artist, producer and songwriter, born and raised in North West London. Previously under the alias “Spectrum” he accumulated millions of streams across all music platforms, now looking to recreate himself under the new name, Scott holds no punches with his debut EP.

“Ocean Blue” is a fusion of five incredibly produced and written pop songs, designed to lift your spirits, reminisce the good times and look to the future with a sense of hope. Encompassing the feel of summer; The EP is nostalgically brilliant, taking inspiration from the early 2000s of Popular music, and blending it with a new electronic take on the sound.

The lead single “Perfect Summer” features the vocals from Canadian Popstar “Aleesia”, who has previously worked with Big Sean & Martin Garrix. With a four to the floor driving beat, chugging guitars, and synthesized melodies, the song is an ode to acts like Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jespsen, who were the stars at the time Scott was growing up. “I produced the song, wrote the lyrics and sang a terrible vocal demo to Aleesia, who to my surprise, absolutely loved it”.

Ashley Alisha features on the title track “Ocean Blue”, a Hip Hop, Electronic and emotional fusion. Ria Choony provides a youthful perspective on “Young & Reckless”, Bethany Davey brings a powerful vocal to “On My Own” and Krystal Oliver concludes the EP with her soulful vocals on “I Wanna Know”.

“Ocean Blue”, the debut EP from Scott the Pisces, is out now on all platforms.