London charity calls for support from community for their winter appeal


Evolve Housing + Support, a leading homeless charity in London, has launched a winter appeal to rally public support to address the worrying rising trend in the city’s homeless population.

Recent data has revealed a disturbing upward trend in rough sleeping. Between July and September 2023, 4,068 people were observed sleeping rough in London with half of those new to the streets. The data, from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) signifies a 12% increase from the same period the previous year and a 25% increase since April.

Carmen White, Chief Executive at Evolve Housing + Support, said:
“These are not just statistics; they represent thousands of people living with the harsh realities of homelessness and suggest a worrying upward trend.

Many people impacted by homelessness have previously been through trauma and continue to experience trauma in their lives. We know that the lack of a home has a detrimental impact on people’s physical health, mental well-being, relationships and causes social exclusion and a sense of abandonment.

This winter, we are asking the public for donations to help us provide a range of preventive services for people who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. “

Amid record numbers of people sleeping rough in London, past research by Evolve found that 80% of homeless respondents had experienced a childhood trauma, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, or family violence. Furthermore, 87% reported a mental health diagnosis.
This is a worsening situation as the pressure of low pay, combined with high living and housing costs, means more people struggle to cover essential household bills or sustain accommodation. Over 50% of private rented tenants state they are one missed payment away from being made homeless, according to Shelter.
Evolve argues that the response must extend beyond just providing accommodation. The effects of homelessness can last long after securing accommodation and it takes more than just a roof to move on from it. The experience hinders individuals from accessing essential services, including physical and mental health care.
“Homelessness is often preceded by traumatic events. This combination leaves people with severe multiple disadvantages and also with a feeling of desperation and disconnectedness, which negatively impacts future life chances.
This is why organisations like ours must provide not just accommodation, but tailored support for each person. We witness the transformative power of community support every day.
People accessing our services are connected to primary healthcare, supported into employment, training and education. Each of these elements improves life chances and has the potential to change someone’s life for the better, enabling them to move on from homelessness.” says Carmen.
This winter, Evolve Housing + Support is calling on the public to donate towards their work providing far more than just a roof.
Every donation will contribute to the provision of support services enabling people to move on from homelessness for good.

To make a donation and be a part of this impactful initiative, please visit