London Diamonds’ gets rockin’ reviews from consumers worldwide – and takes it’s share of a £8.3 billion global market

London Diamonds, the specialist in bespoke engagement rings, storms ahead of competitors with a radical new way of doing business that cuts out the brand name mark up, with customers around the world giving the company high praise as a result


London Diamonds was established with a single-minded mission: to disrupt the diamond and fine jewellery marketplace by producing high quality jewellery at a fair price. It’s made possible by eliminating the various middleman in the supply chain and removing the brand name mark-up traditionally associated with beautiful diamond jewellery. The mission has been successful, with customers from over twenty different countries testifying to London Diamonds’ service levels and propelling this London based jeweller to new heights. In 3 short years, it has become a major player in the engagement ring market.

“We want our customers to feel that we over delivered on every promise. Rather than having to choose an overpriced ring sat in an empty showroom, we build the exact ring they want. We don’t believe anyone in the world can build a better ring at any price,’ said company spokesperson, Victoria Elden.

With growing influence and market presence in over twenty countries, London Diamonds’ success – and most importantly perhaps, it’s client reviews – is proof that consumers are looking for fairer pricing and higher service levels in this industry. ‘We are also aware of the numerous copycat accounts that ‘borrow’ our content – there is no bigger compliment,” says Elden.

London Diamonds’ network of 18,000 wholesale suppliers reflects the vast reach of the diamond jewellery industry, however, unlike ‘luxury’ brands, London Diamonds’ doesn’t rely on marketing and advertising, preferring to focus on client reviews and letting their work do the talking. “We don’t attend any industry awards or events and we have no interest in winning an award that requires us to sponsor a table for £10,000 in order to ‘win’, the only feedback that matters is that of our clients’’ according to Elden.

In the past, the jewellery business, perhaps more than any other, has relied on advertising and an opaque pricing structure to mislead clients into believing that jewellery sold by a luxury brand will be ‘better’ than jewellery purchased elsewhere. However, the value of any diamond is derived solely from the quality of the diamond itself and not where it was purchased.

Internet retailers have brought more pricing transparency to the marketplace but frustratingly, this has been at the expense of customer service and education. ‘We have taken the best parts of the internet retailer model and the best parts of traditional retailers to create a ‘best of both worlds’ offering,’ says Elden. 

Perhaps the last words should be from an actual client, “with exceptional customer service, attentiveness, and a high-quality service and delivery, I will certainly be celebrating this ring for life and hopefully, many more diamond pieces crafted by London Diamonds in the future. Thank you.”

About London Diamonds

London Diamonds is a leading provider of bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings, and  bespoke jewellery. By removing the various middlemen and brand name mark ups, they are able to make the finest jewellery on far better terms than previously possible. Its client reviews are the best in the industry. The company is based in London, to see its latest creations, please see @londondiamondsofficial.