London Heatwave: How hot was each line on the hottest day of the year?


A new study reveals the hottest and the coolest London underground lines on Thursday 25th July, known to be the hottest day of the year so far. According to the Evening Standard, up to 5 million people take the London underground each day, a huge influx of people having to deal with the soaring temperatures

Today in London temperatures are expected to reach a maximum 39C, according to the Met Office, with health warnings for people to stay indoors and keep hydrated. This heatwave comes as the deadly ‘African Plume’ spreads across most of the UK and Europe.

The study by Mecca, titled “Time is Precious”, also details how much time each day, year and in their lifetime Brits spend commuting.

TOP 9 Hottest & Coolest London underground lines

1. Hottest: Central Line

Often known as one of the busiest lines in London, regularly crowded by commuters and tourists alike, central line was astaggering 36.7C, making it less than two degrees cooler than sitting out in the London sun which was recorded to be on average around 38C this afternoon.

2. Bakerloo Line: 35.2C
Bakerloo line came through as the second hottest line in London, only over 1 degree cooler than the central line. The line runs between Harrow & Wealdstone in suburban north-west London and Elephant & Castle in south London. It has been experiencing huge delays today due to the problematic heatwave.

3. Piccadilly Line:34.3C
Piccadilly line was revealed to be in the top 3 of the hottest lines around London, hitting the same temperatures as being outside in the heat around the North of England. The Piccadilly line runs between Cockfosters in suburban north London and Acton Town in the west, where it divides into two branches: one of these runs to Heathrow Airport and the other to Uxbridge in northwest London.

4. Victoria Line: 34C
Not much cooler than Piccadilly, the Victoria Line was found to be hitting highs of 34C, which comes as no suprise as it is one of the only two lines that run entirely underground. The Victoria line runs between Brixton in south London and Walthamstow Central in the north-east, via the West End.

5. Northern Line: 33C
The Northen line came in at 5th with temperatures of 33C for all commuters travelling on the line today. The heat of the day provided some troublesome issues through today as it was announced to have been experiencing signaling issues which caused some heavy delays.

6. Jubilee Line: 32C
This line recently announced it’s news that it would be getting 4G reception, however today with the tube reaching 32 degrees, people travelling on this line probably wanted fans and ice buckets over telephone reception.

7. Circle Line: 28.3C
Part of one of the oldest tube lines in London, the circle line was found to hit temperatures of 28.3C, quite the drop from the Jubilee line which was 4 degrees hotter.

8. Met Line: 27.2C
The Metropolitan line, referred to as the Met, is a line that runs between Aldgate in the City of London and Amersham and Chesham in Buckinghamshire, with branches to Watford in Hertfordshire and Uxbridge in the western London Borough of Hillingdon. Today it reached highs of 27.2C which comes as pretty forgiving in comparison to the previous 7 lines. 

9. Coolest: Hammersmith & City Line

Over 10C cooler than the Central Line, the Hammersmith and City line came in at the coolest of the 9 most popular London Underground lines at 25.5C. The Hammersmith & City line runs between Hammersmith in west London and Barking in east London and is coloured pink on the Tube map.

£5,051 a year is lost due to commuting with people spending 15 days a year just travelling to work

On average Brits spend an astonishing 58 minutes per day commuting to work. With the average UK hourly wage being £14.31*, this means Brits are losing £5,051 a year traveling to work rather than earning on the job.

The UK spend an astonishing 15 days per year commuting to work,  this totals up to Brits spending over 1.5 years of their lifetime just commuting*, time spent commuting and working full time takes up a staggering 35.3% of a Brits year.

The Office of National Statistics found that long commutes will keep you from spending time socialising with family and friends, as well as negatively affecting mental well being, each minute added to a commute affects anxiety, happiness, and general well-being

It comes to no surprise that squeezing onto a train or bus in rush hour highers anxiety levels, however, it was also found that people who travel to work by cycling or walking are not affected as much.

More information on the study and interactive asset can be seen here