London man faced his fears and jumped out of plane at 12,000 feet for charity


A courageous charity worker faced his fear of heights earlier this month and completed a sponsored skydive to raise £1,320 for The Sick Children’s Trust.

Alan Booth, 54, from Bethnal Green, shocked himself when he leapt out of the plane at 12,000 feet on 13 August to raise money for the charity he has dedicated the last five years of his life to.

Alan, who is currently the House Manager at the charity’s ‘Home from Home’ Stevenson House in Whitechapel, was inspired to embrace the challenge by a family who had been supported at Stevenson House after their son, Charlie, had been born prematurely. Throughout his time working for The Sick Children’s Trust Alan has met many families with seriously ill children undergoing lifesaving treatment at The Royal London Hospital. He has also been introduced to many brave children who have fought for their lives and recovered from illnesses or accidents.

Alan says:

“I am so chuffed with myself for completing the skydive because I honestly thought I would bottle it – it was absolutely terrifying and my mouth has never been so dry! I couldn’t have spoken if I had wanted to, not that any of the nine people in our fundraising group were saying anything at all on the way up. The plane ride up to 12,000 feet when we were all squashed together and it was the most terrifying 25 minutes of my life. We were all crammed into this tiny plane absolutely petrified.”