London Stansted profiles London travellers and their behaviour at the airport


As part of its wider Etiquette Research, London Stansted has revealed the typical airport profile of a Londoner including the types of behaviours they adopt when travelling.

Polling a total of 2,000 respondents within a YouGov survey, the airport unveiled a Londoner’s journey through the airport, along with comparisons against other regions. Behaviours revealed include:

When do they get to the airport?

Despite popular belief that Londoners are rushing around and leaving everything to the last minute, it was revealed that 76% of flyers get to the airport a minimum of 2 hours before their flight departure time.

How much do they pack?

Those from London are much more likely to overpack with one-fifth admitting they’ve had luggage which exceeded their chosen airline’s weight allowance. This is in comparison to just 4% of Welsh travellers, meaning 96% of them claim they keep within weight restrictions.

What are their expectations?

In correlation to the rest of Britain, one of the leading behaviours Londoners expect their fellow travellers to adopt is to patiently queue with 74% agreeing this should be the leading etiquette to adopt.

Top 8 items Londoners buy at the airport
  1. Food
  1. Books, magazines and/ or newspapers
  1. Sunscreen and/ or aftersun
  1. Deodorant/ antiperspirant
  1. Adapter plug
  1. Foreign currency
  1. Shampoo / conditioner
  1. Painkillers

What do they buy at the airport?

Londoners are the most likely in the whole of Britain, to buy something at the airport with 70% admitting to do so. Food tops the list shortly followed by books and magazines.

How much are they willing to pay?

Londoners could be  the most likely in the UK to invest in extra services to speed the airport process along with 60% agreeing that security fast-track would make the experience more seamless and 40% agreeing priority boarding would help too.

Are they tech savvy?

In comparison to other regions within the UK, Londoners are the most tech-savvy at the airport with 88% admitting to using some form of technology including airline apps (34%), utilising airport WiFi (59%) and using self-service check-in kiosks (43%).