A London tour guide has revealed how you can best utilise the quiet streets of the capital this summer – with no tourist crowds to stop you.

Hazel Baker, CEO and founder of London Guided Walks, has explained how the absence of foreign tourists will allow Brits to roam the city and discover the amazing secrets it has to offer.

“The latest stats show more UK holiday goers are booking holidays at a traditional coastal/seaside town this year with 23% booking holidays in the South West,” Hazel said. “And Londoners leave the city in the summer – meaning we’ll have an entire capital as our playground.

“Queues are going to be smaller and it’s going to be the most British London has been in a long, long time – making it the perfect time to reclaim London’s history and all it has to offer to the people of this country.”

Hazel explains that Brits so often love to go on a walking tour while they’re in foreign countries. She said: “So why not here too? International travel is going to be so risky and London has so much to offer. Even if you’re a regular visitor to the city, you may see something you’ve never seen before. All of our guides are Londoners who specialise in delivering tours to fellow Brits. You may visit new places, find new heroes and see film locations.”

London Guided Walks don’t just offer walks around the capital, they offer everything from historic tours and smartphone photo tutorials to Instagram workshops.

A picture containing person, outdoor, sky, people

Description automatically generated”London is going to be primed and ready for the British to see all it has to offer this summer,” said Hazel. “There are bragging rights up for grabs, making memories in unknown places and showing off what you’ve learned to others. On top of this, there’s going to be some absolute bargains for hotels in London.

“We also realise that many people travelling will have their worries about being in a busy city at this time but we can assure visitors we take every precaution. All of our guides have had their second jabs and have voice amplifiers so they can keep their distance from the group. We keep tour sizes capped to keep space between people – and make sure we do track and trace at local venues.”